Could there actually be justice in the future for Hunter Biden and the senile old man squatting in the Oval Office?

It seems that way—much to the surprise of myself and millions of others. We learned late yesterday that Hunter Biden is going to be indicted before the end of September for a felony gun charge because he lied on a background check form he filled out before buying a handgun.

It’s part of several things that have happened recently. First, a sweetheart deal put together with federal prosecutors was rejected by a federal judge back in July—and after walking into court thinking all of his sins would be forgiven for tax evasion and felony gun possession, Hunter left the courtroom with nothing at all.

Since then, the federal prosecutor in the case, David Weiss, was appointed as a Special Counsel. Most of us, myself included, thought that was the end of it. Weiss, the Federal prosecutor from Delaware, would just hide behind the “ongoing investigation” curtain, and nothing would ever happen to the chronic drug and alcohol abuser who is also accused of not paying millions in taxes, failing to register as a foreign agent, and is even facing accusations of sex with underage girls and human trafficking.

But I was wrong—and so were you, it seems because Weiss told US District Judge Mary-Ellen Noreika that he expects Hunter to be indicted at least on the gun charge later this month.

It was certainly something most of us were not anticipating—in fact, most of the talking heads on the numerous left-leaning cable news networks spent a lot of time dismissing the seriousness of violating gun laws and not paying millions in taxes.
So, just a few weeks ago, the White House, including President Joe Biden and the entire Administration, thought they had cleaned up the Hunter Biden mess. But today, it’s not only not cleaned up but possibly exposing the President to even more scrutiny at a time when his poll numbers are in the toilet, and the calls for him to step aside are getting louder.

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There’s no doubt that this latest public relations problem will inflict even more political damage on the most unpopular President in modern times.

So now we must wonder—is David Weiss going to use his newly minted powers of Special Counsel to defy Attorney General Merrick Garland’s unwritten wishes to keep the Hunter Biden story out of the headlines? Will he do what an honest prosecutor would do and follow the facts even if they lead to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

With the American people already disenchanted over the economy and the literal invasion at the southern border, more questions about the Biden family getting tens of millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania will lead to more damaging headlines and even lower poll numbers.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Rep. James Comer says that the National Archives is sitting on piles of emails that may show Hunter’s legal team allegedly directing Joe Biden on how to spin the family’s corruption narrative.

This raises further questions about how Joe Biden will stay in the race for President. As I said, many Democrats are already over the antics and arrogance of the old man.

And the questions from the press that slept through the 2020 election are starting to hit home. These questions will only get louder and more frequent, especially after an indictment against Hunter is handed down.

I mean, the Republicans have already asked for all the documents leading to that disqualified plea deal, which would have let the first son skate without so much as one day in jail. Who was involved with that? Lots of us would like to know—and those are big questions that even the lapdog media cannot ignore.

But trust me—the White House will continue to ignore them as long as possible.

This is the last place Democrats want to find themselves as they sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, open presents on Christmas, or celebrate the New Year.

Republicans, on the other hand, would be very thankful, feel like they had gotten a huge gift, and ring in the New Year with glee—and the reason is obvious.

If Uncle Joe is out, then Kamala is in for 2024, and she won’t be the only one laughing come Election Day.