How can we have any faith in government anymore—at least the government we currently have in Washington?

Joe Biden and his cast of misfits are officially the worst of my lifetime. The longer they hang around, the better they make Jimmy Carter look—and he was awful by almost every metric.

Joe Biden has lowered the bar tremendously—which continues to raise questions about whether or not he will even make it to the ballot on November 5, 2024.

But it’s not just Biden—the whole cast of characters is so incompetent that it’s hard to conceive of how such a low-achieving group of imbeciles could even be assembled.

You have Jennifer Granholm, a former mediocre governor in Michigan, who, as Energy Secretary, declared war on appliances in every room of your home, including your gas stove, water heater, air conditioner, furnace, and the generator you have outside just in case of emergency.

Granholm spends most of her time attacking anything that makes our lives easier and more productive under the all-inclusive banner of Climate Change to ward off serious questions about her questionable leadership in that department. The lights are on at the Energy Department, but Jenny doesn’t seem to be home.

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Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, has no experience at all in the job he currently has, just like everyone else in the cabinet. He is so unqualified you must wonder how he ever got through a Senate confirmation. When asked about new requirements for mileage and forced transition to EVs, he usually skips the question and goes to some drivel about equity and opportunity. Two things that won’t exist for anyone if this administration survives next year. It seems that Pete’s planes, trains, and automobiles are running in circles unless they are taking him home for maternity leave. But either way, you are paying the freight for Pete.

Deb Haaland, the Secretary of the Interior, is a Native American, and that seems to be her only qualification for the job. She wants to run a fence around Montana and Alaska, placing them in permanent park status just to save the planet.

Alejandro Mayorkas is a real treat. The Secretary of Homeland Security ignores the fact that just this week, 45,000 illegals flooded across the border, setting all-time records for the ongoing invasion that is picking up speed.

At this pace, we will have allowed 10 million illegal aliens into the nation in just four years under the failed leadership of Joe Biden. That is more people than actually live in 40 of our 50 states.

And the list of failed policies and people is longer than I have time for.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, who claims to have returned credibility to the Department of Justice, was on Capitol Hill yesterday taking questions about how the Hunter Biden sham investigation was run, how it was hidden from voters leading up to the 2020 election, and how the DOJ tried to sneak a complete sweetheart deal for the President’s morally casual son without anyone catching it.

One of the biggest questions—or series of questions—focused on how the US Attorney from Delaware, David Weiss, was unable to get charges filed against the First Son when requested in other jurisdictions.
Time and again, the AG dodged questions of importance about the two-tiered system of justice we are seeing.

Honestly, is there anyone today who believes any of us would have gotten the deals on felony tax evasion and felony gun charges offered to Hunter Biden? No, of course not, but Garland—who appeared nervous under oath—tried to insist otherwise.

And that’s when the true scope of the blizzard of BS came into full relief. When asked about who he has talked to in the course of the Hunter Biden investigation—the AG was suddenly struck with acute amnesia.

Garland couldn’t recollect whether or not he had spoken with anyone at the FBI about the investigation into Hunter. Now, he’s just stealing Biden’s lines.

But that was a good performance compared to how Garland answered questions about the Capitol riots and people like Ray Epps, who was on video repeatedly cheering people on to raid the Capital in 2021.

Garland’s responses all amounted to “I don’t know” before going off on a tangent about China being America’s greatest threat. Wait, does that mean he thinks China is a bigger threat than white supremacy?! I don’t believe it.

And this is just another example of why so many Democrats are ditching the party they once celebrated. Things don’t add up anymore; the blizzard of lies is too much, and the failures are too many to count.