If there’s one thing that the elected Democrats and Republicans can agree on, it’s spending our money on a gargantuan and continual basis. Although they disagree on what our taxpayer dollars should be spent ON, both parties want a lot more of our money and they never want the unending spigot to stop our taxpayer dollars from flowing into their greedy little hands.

Because they can’t agree on where the money needs to go, the Democrats and Republicans often do another version of some sort of continuing resolution or short-term spending bill.

The Senate especially, loves this trick as they are ALWAYS a coward to do anything to reduce spending. They either go along with the short-term spending bills or vote in a “bipartisan” manner, agreeing with the Democrats on whatever they want.

Senate Majority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is happy because he thinks that the Democrats will get most of what they want in the current negotiations. He recently said, “The Senate Appropriations Committee has passed all 12 bills to fund the government with strong, sometimes unanimous, bipartisan support. The Senate will work to get as much done as possible in September. To avoid a government shutdown, the House should follow the Senate’s lead and pass their appropriations bills in a bipartisan way.”

The House is not so happy. Especially about the billions of more Ukrainian aid that the president is requesting.

The House also wants to vote on the 12 bills separately and not in one big “omnibus” spending bill – and according to the Washington Examiner, McCarthy isn’t happy with the Senate Republicans who

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are trying to spend above the caps set in the debt ceiling bill.

McCarthy said what we already know and see every time these spending issues come up. He said, “Senate Democrats and Republicans are working closely together to spend more money.”

Yep, that’s what the uniparty does.

And because the Republicans, even when they control one branch of government, are too spineless to use that power to stop the outrageous spending of the federal government, our hard-earned taxpayer dollars will continue to flow to the federal government at an expeditious and never-ending pace.

Rinse and repeat. Nothing ever changes in DC – including the elderly people in control of it.