Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver. Worth millions. But they’re too cheap to to cover the salaries of the writers for their shows while they are on strike. So instead, they started a podcast to raise money for them, donating proceeds of the show to the writers.

Their podcast is on Spotify and it’s called “Strike Force Five.” On the podcast, they whine about their writers needing money even though they aren’t lifting a finger to transfer them any money from their bank accounts to help them out except for a report that says Fallon and Meyers will pay them for a whole week.

They’re hoping, instead, like good little Democrats, that “others” will foot the bill. Um…no.

First of all, these late night talk show guys are UNFUNNY so their writers don’t deserve to be supported.

Secondly, there are more worthy recipients of “charity” than late-night talk show writers who think that bashing patriotic Americans, constitutionalists, Republicans, and Trump is comedy. We don’t need to be supporting or encouraging these people.

No, I won’t waste my time watching or listening to these unfunny millionaires on their podcast – just like I didn’t watch them when they were on live TV. I don’t need to have an “inside look” at a bunch of unfunny losers who are not even close to having the level of humor or showmanship of a Johnny Carson, Jay Leno or even a grumpy David Letterman.

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The WGA (Writers Guild of America) represents two labor unions of over 11K TV, film, news, radio and online writers – and they’ve been on strike since May 2nd. Has anyone missed them? Not really. We could sit on our rear ends for 1,000 years and watch all of the stuff that’s already been filmed and written about, recorded and streamed – and we still wouldn’t get through it all. So instead of paying the salaries of non-funny “comedy” writers, our time is better spent watching re-runs of Carson – or even “Love Boat” where they promise something for everyone and they are expecting us.