So it looks like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not above pandering to President Biden and the rest of the crazy climate change leftists even though he looked like quite an idiot when he showed up at the UN recently and talked about the dangers of climate change.

Zelenskyy actually laughably told everyone that the war needs to be stopped so that climate change can be fought. Appearing in his usual green military fatigues, he spoke at the UN General Assembly podium in his first appearance there since his country was invaded.

He used his 15-minute time slot to warm the others of the need to stand up to aggression. He also spoke of the worsening climate crisis and recent natural disasters.

He said, “We have to stop it. We must act united to defeat the aggressor and focus all our capabilities and energy on addressing these challenges [instead].”

But in the meantime, Zelenskyy has his hand out to get all of the money and resources he can from President Biden and anyone else. In order to keep that money flowing, he has to be on the same page with the rest of the leftists and all of their political goals.

Back in November of last year, Zelenskyy was singing the same tune, saying that Russia’s invasion of his country was exacerbating the “catastrophic” effects of climate change.

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Zelenskyy probably thinks that the leftists might extend a little more help to him if he talks about the climate crisis instead of dead Ukrainians. And he might be right since the leftists are doing what they can to destroy the rights, freedoms and lifestyles of as many people as possible to continue their climate change agenda (which is just a disguised financial and power grab).

What can we expect from Zelenskyy’s next speech? Maybe some words on trans rights or DEI initiatives? Basically, it will be about whatever he needs to say in order to keep the American taxpayer dollars flowing.