The Democrats are good at putting Republicans and Trump supporters in jail and making examples of them. Heck, there are still January 6th defendants who are reportedly being held in quarantine without their rights including the ability to converse with their attorneys.

And we all see how the Biden DOJ, FBI and IRS goes after their political enemies, giving them little to no due process. The writing is on the wall that the Democrats will come after you if you are even within six degrees of separation to Trump. And the constitution and the law doesn’t matter if you go to court. The outcome of your court case now entirely hinges on what judge you get and if the jury likes Republicans and Trump supporters or not.

Even Trump attorneys are not immune from getting prosecuted and have had to reveal attorney-client privileged conversations. Unbeknownst to many, that is by design. There is actually a group that is targeting Trump lawyers called the 65 Project. They are self-described as battling to protect democracy – so you can bet that they are doing just the opposite. Tom Fitton, president of the conservative group Judicial Watch, calls Project 65 a “political attack on those who are on the wrong side of litigation in a political dispute.”

The dark money group has ties to the Democrat party (shocking!) and, according to Axios, has spent millions trying to disbar more than 100 lawyers who worked on Trump’s post election lawsuits. This will, they expect, discourage others in the future from ever trying to overturn their corrupt elections.

With all of that power that the Democrats currently have in our current Injustice System, it’s no surprise that those under criminal persecution because of their affiliation with Trump are doing what they need to do to save their own skin.

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is the newest one to jump ship from the Trump yacht. Ellis, self- described former member of the “elite strike force team” who tried to help Trump overturn Biden’s 2020 presidential victory, seems willing to step out of favor with Orange Man Bad and save her own derriere.

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Ellis said recently on her radio show that she is not backing her former boss for president. Even though she claims great love and respect for him, she calls him malignant and narcissistic. That certainly sounds like great respect and love, doesn’t it?

It’s funny how when the rubber meets the road and when the sh*t hits the fan, all of a sudden, everything is Trump’s fault and nobody was operating with free will.

That Trump is a narcissist is nothing new. That Trump wanted to overturn a rigged and possibly corrupt election is nothing new. But suddenly, now he was the only one fighting for free and fair elections and everyone else’s hands were clean – or at the very least, they are all really really really sorry that they participated in something that Trump made them do.