Can you imagine a police officer or judge telling you that it was YOUR fault that you were raped because you wore a dress?

Or that it was YOUR fault that you had a home invasion because you forgot to set your house alarm.

Or that it was YOUR fault that terrorists attacked your country because you weren’t nicer to them… Oh wait…yes, that actually happened. After 9/11, the Democrats wanted to make sure we all knew how islamophobic we were and that America was, in fact, responsible for the terrorist attacks on our country.

We see that same insanity and leftest thought today with their anti-police/pro-criminal policies that has them coddling criminals and letting them get out of jail or prison over and over again, treating them like the victims.

And because the Democrats don’t want to be blamed for all of the crime taking place across the county – including car thefts – they’ve come up with the excuse that cars are being stolen because the foreign automakers aren’t making sure that they are secure enough.

The New York Times is one the media outlets leading the charge with the headline, “Kia and Hyundai Helped Enable a Crime Wave.”

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Uh, no… Democrats helped enable a crime wave.

Trying to shift and blame (and make a buck or two) are the leftist crime-ridden cities of Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and New York who have a class-action lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai. The leftist crime-ridden cities are upset that the cars lack immobilizers, which according to the Daily Signal’s report on the issue, are electronic security devices designed to prevent engines from starting unless a proper key is used.

TikTok videos apparently inspired the car thieves – but TikTok and car thieves aren’t the ones being blamed for the thefts.

And are South Koreans having the same car theft problem with all of those Kias and Hyundai’s driving around in their country? Nope. That’s because the car thefts are a CRIMINAL problem, not a car problem. Just like gun violence is a CRIMINAL problem. Just like other crimes are a CRIMINAL problem. That’s why they are called crimes.

Attorney Erielle Davidson and staff writer at the Federalist had it right when she X-ed/tweeted, “So funny the mental gymnastics people go through to avoid the obvious. The 2020 riots brought crime spikes as people realized they could break the law without consequences and cops backed off out of fear of being vilified. This isn’t rocket science.”