In order for the Democrats to continue to win elections, including the upcoming presidential election, they have to run on the “don’t pay any attention to that” strategy. They have to make you believe that what you are seeing and living isn’t actually happening.

Don’t pay any attention to the 200% rise of thefts and violent crime in your city.

Don’t pay any attention to the 30% increase in your grocery bill since Biden became president.

Don’t pay any attention the the drug addicts sleeping on your streets.

Don’t pay any attention to Democrats using millions and millions of your tax dollars to pay for the health and welfare of the millions of illegal aliens that the Democrats are helping to invade the country.

Don’t pay any attention to the treasonous behavior of President Biden, accepting money from foreign actors and countries to increase his family’s wealth.

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Don’t pay any attention to the fact that Biden is so old that he can’t complete a sentence or walk down a flight of stairs without tripping.

Don’t pay any attention to that $80 charge at the gas pump as you keep pumping your middle-eastern oil.

Don’t pay any attention to the fact that the Democrats have been colluding with their media friends and social media companies to take away our Bill of Rights.

Don’t pay any attention that the Democrats have turned our justice system into an Injustice system where the only thing that matters when you are a defendant is the color of your skin or the political party you belong to.

Don’t pay any attention to the fact that the Democrats don’t believe in parental rights and believe that they have the power to “raise” your children the “right” way in their schools according to their own political beliefs.

Don’t even pay any attention to the fact that Biden’s dogs keep biting his secret security agents and for some reason aren’t moved to a less stressful location where they can not be a danger to anyone.

So that’s the state of affairs with the Democrat party and their plans to win any future elections. Everyone must live in the fantasy world that they created – a world where everyone is living under wonderful Bidenomics and where the Democrats tell you the southern border is secure and all of the mail- in ballots are valid.