There is a lot of anger in the halls of Congress these days and on the streets of America.

It seems the discontent is growing, and people are more frustrated by the day. While the media might want you to think that it’s only the Republicans in disarray—the facts point to something else altogether.

The GOP is certainly fighting an internal war over more spending in a continuing resolution to fund the government as we as a nation have crossed the $33 Trillion debt mark.

A deal cobbled together by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy fell apart Tuesday as hardline conservatives are rejecting the deal as just more of the same—and I honestly think I have to agree with them. When was the last time anyone in Washington cut spending in any meaningful way? Try never on for size.

Those opposed to just going along say the idea of Republicans once again signing on to a so-called clean continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown would once again leave the GOP emasculated with not one bit of negotiating power left.

One proposal put forth by the Freedom Caucus would fund the government for one month but comes with an 8% spending cut and attaches a border security measure.

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That led some Republicans, including several that won swing districts in New York last time around, to admit they will work directly with Democrats on a deal to avoid a partial Government shutdown that will come if a deal is not put together by September 30.
All of this is being played out against the backdrop of Kevin McCarthy losing the support of Republicans from all corners of the party.

There are huge fractures that hardliners and moderates seem hard-pressed to overcome.

But the hardliners are not apologizing—including some that have not been in Congress long but were previously abused in socialist countries. They say America is drifting far to the left—and it puts the entire country in peril if we do not right the ship and return to our roots of free enterprise and capitalism.

But it’s not just the hardliners that are angry with Kevin McCarthy.
And remember, it took how many votes for him to get the gavel? It was something like 15, and in order for that to happen, you may recall, McCarthy had to make a lot of promises to just about everyone—and now those bills are coming due. It’s not just the Freedom Caucus folks demanding he honor the promises he made—but more mainstream conservatives are also voicing disapproval for his failure to deliver on what he said he would do.

Rep. Nancy Mace is unhappy with McCarthy’s failure to execute legislation she believes would bring more suburban women to the Republicans.

But don’t think for a second that it’s just the Republicans who are facing a storm within their party.

Democrats may want you to believe everything is running smoothly for them—but that is certainly not the case.
Fear is rising on the left because Joe Biden is getting rejected in his re-election bid by more and more voters who pulled the lever for him in 2020. They are completely disenchanted with his performance in the White House, and that has some Democrats in a near full-blown panic. Right now, it looks clear that if the rematch with Donald Trump were held today, the 45th President would also become the 47th—and if Kamala Harris somehow gets the keys to Air Force One, Donald Trump’s margin of victory would grow dramatically.

And if you factor in the Green Party candidate Cornell West—a far-left activist and nut job—Trump wins by an even wider margin. So now the progressive power brokers are working frantically behind the scenes—desperately looking for a way out of this mess they created by anointing the senile but arrogant Joe Biden as Commander in Chief.

The only other Democrat with any significant support in the race is RFK Jr., and the party bosses do not want him in power any more than they wanted his father or uncle. He won’t do as he’s told and has this annoying habit of supporting the Constitution, believing in America, and fearing governmental overreach.

Meanwhile, the games with our elections are still being played in every single state that will allow for it—like Pennsylvania—where putting as many mail-in ballots in circulation is key to gaming the entire system.

Pennsylvania automatically registers voters in the state unless they opt out. I can’t see how that gets abused. If you thought 2020 was ugly, just wait until next November.