After spending only about 12 minutes on a UAW picket line and just over an hour total in Michigan, Joe Biden got back on Air Force One—using the short stairs that no President has ever used—and flew to California for a fundraiser. The brief visit shows that he just doesn’t have what it takes to campaign for another term, let alone actually do the job that he is failing to do currently.

How totally insulting to the men and women walking the line and not getting a regular paycheck. But it seems the visit was planned that way, and Michigan’s Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who dreams of replacing the relic in the White House, didn’t even bother to show up to greet the President in her own state—what does that tell you?
Then it was back to fantasy land as Joe started reminiscing about his days on the picket lines of years gone by—and how he stood there defending labor unions.

For all the fuss that was made about Biden coming to stand in solidarity with striking UAW union members, he sure didn’t stick around very long. Of course, he didn’t take any questions from reporters either—which is the new normal for this White House.

But this was a dangerous visit for Biden—and it comes just one day after Ford says its $3.5 Billion battery factory in Michigan that is tied to the Chinese Communist Party is halting construction. This after the absent Governor Whitmer and the state of Michigan basically bribed Ford to build the factory in the first place with $1.7 billion dollars in subsidies.

It was a real slap across the face to the Democrats who signed non-disclosure agreements to keep local residents in the dark while ramming the deal that Ford has now put on ice through. It may be on ice forever because they say there is no certainty that the facility would ever be able to be profitable.

It’s also a major setback for the so-called climate activists who believe electric vehicles will somehow save the planet from the perils of man-made climate change that fewer and fewer people believe is happening.

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So, what was the visit from the President about?
Well, it was supposed to be about showing his allegiance to the big labor unions that have traditionally supported Democrats in elections as long as I have been alive, but so far, the UAW has offered no endorsement of the old man at all. That didn’t keep him from pandering blatantly to the few that gathered—and trust me, the crowds were small.

And some of his staunch supporters just refuse to give an inch to reality and admit the problems we are facing because of his failed leadership.

Senator Debbie Stabenow parroted the line that everything is doing great and that Bidenomics is a success!

Maybe that’s why Debbie Stabenow is stepping down—and leaving the US Senate at the end of her term next year.
And all of this brings the spotlight back to Biden’s collapsing poll numbers. They’re nowhere worse than the Washington Post ABC News poll, which had the President polling at a record low of 37%.
He fared worse on the economy, with just 30% support and 23% approval on the border crisis that is causing Democrat mayors and governors all over the country to declare states of emergency because of the flood of illegal aliens.
Yet you have to wonder—does the old man even get it?

This reminds me of Biden’s braggadocio in 2022, telling reporters to “Read the polls, Jack!” Well, maybe you should read ‘em, Jack!

But the longtime party faithful, the ones that hate Donald Trump more than anyone, the ones that would rejoice if the former President was tossed into prison, are the ones that see their worst nightmare on the way. Donald Trump is close to being elected the 47th President of the United States.