Slind’ With Biden—that is the headline that Democrats should be looking at very closely today.
A brand new Washington Post/ABC Poll gives former President Donald Trump a commanding lead over the guy in The White House, and when you dig into the numbers deeper—it gets far worse for Joe Biden.

Americans get it when Joe slurs through a speech or wanders around lost on stage. They can see it, and they know he is not in charge of himself—so how can he run a country?

The brand new poll puts Biden’s approval 19 points underwater—with just 37 percent of respondents approving of the way he does his job. That is a new low, and it doesn’t look like they have found the bottom yet.

Biden, who will turn 81 in December, is already the oldest and weakest President in American history, and the across-the-board failures are not going to be rewarded by voters in 2024.

Trust me when I tell you that the Democrats are in a full-blown panic because they are caught in a no-win situation. They know Joe Biden’s chances of winning re-election get smaller by the day, but if he pulls out now, he becomes a lame duck. If he leaves, that leaves them with Kamala Harris as the standard bearer—unless you want to allow a wild primary fight between Harris and likely challengers from California and Michigan.

Like I said, the reasons for Joe Biden’s dismal numbers are many—the wide open border is one.
Today, the Democrat Mayor of El Paso, Texas, says that the city is on the verge of collapse because of the invasion—and that doesn’t poll well anywhere in the country.
Energy policy has made the cost of filling up your car or truck far more expensive than it was 32 months ago.

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Which brings me to Bidenomics—which is an utter failure. What is stunning about the Washington Post poll is that the paper tried to distance itself from its own numbers—writing that the poll is so bad it could be an outlier.

I have a news flash for the WaPo staff: the poll is not an outlier. In fact, you should expect to see even worse numbers in the days to come.

Here is the ongoing response from every member of the Administration—you just don’t understand. Everything is great, and so is the economy.

Buttigieg went on TV and said that we’ll notice the benefits of Bidenomics if we just wait a little while longer.

However, that kind of flippant response from cabinet members like Pete Buttigieg doesn’t go over well. It is the kind of pat on the head that really angers people.

I mean, you know what it is like to go shopping for groceries—compared to what it was like during Donald Trump’s first term as President—and people are not buying it.

ABC ran a segment showing that 75% of people think the economy is downright awful.

The biggest thing driving the numbers down is how expensive everything is. It really is the common denominator pushing people away from Joe Biden and back to Donald Trump.
However, instead of trying to tack to the middle or ease up in the attacks on energy, for example, Joe Biden continues to govern from the far left,

Bill Clinton learned his lesson. Joe Biden has not or cannot comprehend what is happening—so they just keep repeating the same worn-out catchphrases and themes.
It makes it pretty clear why Americans are so angry right now.
However—Republicans are having challenges of their own right now.

There is a civil war brewing between those who want to cut the deficit and use the impending government shutdown as leverage to lower federal spending by as little as 8% while others are trying to keep the status quo.

I hope the Republicans understand that now is the time for results and action. They have an opportunity to take the White House and start putting a stop to our reckless federal spending. Let’s hope they don’t blow it.