We already know about the caravans and trucks of illegals coming into the country. We also see the Biden administration bussing them all over the country and flying them to locations in the dark of night.

If you’ve watched Weasel News lately, the only network actually covering the border crisis, you see the never-ending flow of illegals (mostly single men) breaking into the United States, some with the help of the Border Patrol agents who has been recorded cutting the razor wire so that the illegal aliens, including children, won’t hurt themselves and everyone can enter the country safely.

Over the weekend, Weasel News showed a video of buses that were letting illegal aliens go free. According to the news network, “Ajo, Arizona saw 2,000 illegal crossings a day for several straight days last week, forcing agents to resort to street releases because shelters are packed. The migrants include people from Africa.” Busses of illegal aliens were also let go on the streets of San Diego.

But the truth is, no one knows where the illegal aliens are from – or if they are terrorists, criminals, or intend harm on the United States and her citizens. And let’s be honest about the whole thing – the Biden administration and the Democrats just don’t care. They don’t care any more about that than they do about all of the sex trafficking and fentanyl that the border crisis is bringing along with it.

The Democrats also don’t care about where unaccompanied minors are being sent. And the Dems don’t even care about their own voters complaining about their impact on their communities as Democrat politicians spend taxpayer money for the resources to house, feed, educate and transport them.

A lot of the illegal aliens wear colorful wristbands that show if they have paid for passage across the Rio Grande – or how much they owe the Mexican cartels for their trip. Most illegal aliens pay about $2,500 each to the cartels.

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Biden wants to give the illegal aliens bracelets too – to track their location. My guess is that it’s part of a plan to send them absentee ballots. I’m quite sure that they won’t be sending any police to round them up for any reason – because while the illegal aliens wait out their asylum “screening,” most of us know that the reality is that they won’t be going to their court hearing – and no one will track them down when they don’t.

Also shown over the weekend by Weasel News was a video of illegal aliens riding in a train. In the video, you can see and hear the illegal aliens cheering as they head out of Zacatecas, Mexico towards the United States.

It’s heartwarming to see that everyone is working in unison to make sure illegal aliens from every corner of the planet have the opportunity to live illegally in the United States – the Biden administration, the catholic churches, the NGOs and non-profits, the Mexican cartels – and the rest of their co-conspirators.

“America Last” continues to be the ongoing and now permanent slogan of the Democrat Party – concerning the open border and everything else they are involved in.