Even though we don’t even know if President Biden will end up being the Democratic presidential nominee for 2024. And even though VP Harris is one of the most useless and unliked VPs in history, some folks are still standing up for her and threatening others who don’t or who are even starting to think about not supporting her.

The View’s co-host Sunny Hostin warned Biden on the show that he’ll “lose the Black vote” if he dumps Harris from the ticket. She said, “We will not support you.”

Who is we? Does she have the backing of a large group of folks that we don’t know about?

Maybe – but probably not to the degree of the support that was given by the media when Biden ran against Trump and the “We Have Her Back” memo went out.

What? You didn’t hear about that?

Back in 2020, a group of females authored a “We Have Her Back” memo concerning racism and sexism. In a preview of what was to come with their DEI movement, the liberal group wanted to make sure that the media knew that qualifications weren’t important when the first Black female was going to possibly be #2 in the Oval Office.

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According to The Hill, representatives of liberal groups such as Planned Parenthood,
NARAL Pro-Choice America, the National Women’s Law Center and Supermajority had written to senior news people urging “internal consideration” about what kinds of words and topics were ACCEPTABLE in reporting on Joe Biden’s VP pick and which were not.

They said that certain topics were described as adding to the “systemic inequality” that women and people of color endure and promoting “stereotypes and tropes” that undermine those people’s public images.

The memo was sent to the media folks once Harris was announced to be on Biden’s ticket and the female leftists gave the media talking points including not discussing Harris’ weight, looks, tone of voice, attractiveness, etc. if they didn’t do the same with the male candidate. They also didn’t want her likability discussed and asked them not to use photos of Harris showing anger or passion that might make her look too emotional to hold office.

This time around, I really don’t think edicts or threats will keep the giggling VP on the ticket. Or even her gender or race. It will be more of a calculated decision if she is is good or bad for Biden’s re-election chances. But more than likely, she doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things like she hasn’t mattered during the entire Biden’s first term.