Joe Biden’s performance at the G20 summit was embarrassing, with him wandering around, mumbling about dog-face pony soldiers, and telling the reporters he could only call on five preapproved reporters.

Americans of all political persuasions—even those who want to believe Joe Biden can do a good job—know it’s not happening, and it’s not going to happen.

Panic is setting in.

I told you several weeks ago that the networks had dropped Joe Biden from the protection list. Beyond a few lap dogs like Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski—the media has finally realized they are also to blame for the massive failure that is this President and administration.

As a result—those networks have been ratcheting up the attacks, the sharp commentary, and the loud criticism of just about everything they are doing in Washington these days.

They are calling him out on all fronts, though it continues to be easy to focus on the foolishness of Bidenomics as a theme and as a policy.

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The old adage says that if you’re explaining, you’re losing, and right now, the Democrats and every member of the administration are explaining how good the economy is, that inflation is down, unemployment is low, and wages are up even though purchasing power is less than ever before.

Right now, every issue is failing for the Democrats—and Joe’s woeful performance on the world stage is just more fuel to the fire burning down this White House. We haven’t even bothered to mention Maui, Florida, Ukraine, or the ever-expanding dumpster fire in the Hunter Biden money laundering and sleaze operations that obviously entangled Joe.

So, where are the once-protective cable news channels?

They’ve started telling the truth about the poll numbers and everything else—the shield has lifted.

You are getting the sense that those inside the Beltway are feeding their friends on TV the inside story, but the polls just keep returning brutal numbers. With approval ratings in the 30s lately, it’s hard to see how Joe Biden rallies before the election.

Right now, he is losing to a guy with 91 indictments—no matter how dishonest they are. That guy could be a convicted felon by the time we get to November 2024, and he is still the most likely person to emerge as President of the United States in January 2025 because Donald Trump’s numbers have not weakened. In fact, as Joe gets worse, people are looking at the Trump years with nostalgia.

But it’s not just the polls because, as Mom always said, actions speak louder than words. You can tell the panic is real, as with the election well over a year away, Democrats are digging into the war chest and pulling out truckloads of cash.

There are other concerns for Democrats. The once reliably blue Virginia seems to have become decidedly purple, with Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin fighting for parents, accusing Biden’s education policy of prioritizing equal outcomes over excellence.

In fact, the shift in Virginia could really be complete at the state level when elections are held in November. It looks like Republicans could pull off statewide victories and take over the state House and Senate. In one close race, Democrat Susanna Gibson was just outed by the Washington Post for posting X-rated porn videos with her husband—videos made after she entered the race. She was allegedly paid for what several outlets are calling hardcore content. One close race could easily go to the Republican because he didn’t post videos on “Hot Wife Experience.” Go figure.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Governor of New Mexico declaring that she will decide what Constitutional rights her citizens can enjoy is getting major blowback from Republicans and Democrats alike. Thousands turned out to protest her ban on the 2nd Amendment—fueling conservatives not only in the land of enchantment but all over the nation.

Oh, and one more thing—Joe Biden skipped a visit to ground zero on 9/11 this year and then lied about visiting New York the day after the attacks. Biden was in Washington, DC, on 9/12/2001. I know you’re shocked. I thought he’d be on the beach.