Yes, a huge number of the illegal aliens, migrants, immigrants, undocumented angels… (whatever you want to call them) coming into our country are criminals, whether they claim to need “asylum” or not – which we all know is a scam.

We actually DO have laws in our country about coming across our borders and breaking into the country even though the Democrat-controlled government doesn’t enforce

The Biden-Harris administration, following long-held Democrat policies and a strategy to eventually turn the illegal aliens into Democrat voters, is “committed” to working with the state of New York to help fill jobs with the illegals who are staining the city’s social safety net including waiving a required waiting period for the aliens to receive work authorization.

In addition to work permits, the Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also wants a lot more money from Biden – but not for taxpayers for her state or the veterans. She wants the money to build shelters and has additional costs to keep the criminal illegal aliens nice and comfy.

The president’s readout of Biden’s meeting with Gov. Hochul says the federal government will work with NY and NYC on a “month of action” to “help close the gap between noncitizen who are eligible for work authorization and those who have applied, to meet the labor needs in NY.”

In the meantime, the Biden folks are launching a national campaign for who they call “individuals who are work-eligible” but have not applied for work authorization.

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It’s nice to see everyone is SO concerned about the illegal alien criminals after they illegally enter our country – but many of them don’t appear to want to have a legitimate job. Only 16% of working-age CBP One (the government’s app for services) applicants have even applied for the work authorizations.

Earth to Biden… many of the aliens are working under the table – and not necessarily in LEGAL fields or in a legal manner if you know what I mean. Get a clue. Crime, including sex trafficking and selling drugs, pays a lot more than being a cashier at McDonald’s. And so does working in construction or in other jobs under the table for cash.

Biden also said that he wants to help with the health, education and housing of the recent illegal alien arrivals and he has requested an additional $600 million from Congress to continue the aid.

What a great guy.