Don’t get too excited about the recently announced impeachment inquiry that was made by House Speaker Republican Kevin McCarthy against President Disaster over his family’s business dealings and Joe’s personal enrichment from selling out our country. It might not amount to much – although at least it’s a start.

Just the News reported McCarthy’s press conference on Tuesday where the Speaker announced a formal impeachment inquiry into our grifter president saying, “These are allegations of abuse of power, obstruction and corruption.”

McCarthy went on to say, “I did not make this decision lightly” but we all know why he most likely DID make his decision – and it’s not to save the country or expose what’s going on with Biden. It’s either to save his job as the Speaker and/or to make sure that the upcoming spending vote goes through. With government funding set to run out on September 30th and the threat of a government shutdown, all of the cowardly Republicans want to help the Democrats spend more of our money and not get blamed for any interruption of government services.

Nevertheless, no matter what the reason, McCarthy FINALLY announced an impeachment inquiry into Biden. One that’s long overdue. It will involve Biden’s corruption and his efforts to enrich his family or what McCarthy describes as an inquiry that is being made because “Public offices are not for sale.”

Yeah, right. Since when? Our country has ALWAYS been for sale – and for a majority of the politicians, their “service” is how they amass their great wealth and power. Why do we have 80 and 90-year-olds in the government? Because they don’t want to give up that money and power. The Clintons found a way to put their grift on a professional level with money going through their Foundation on a regular basis.

But Biden has been a grifter for so long that he got complacent. Plus he has a stupid son who likes to record his drug use, prostitute use and bribery scams on his laptop and leave emails un-deleted. But because Democrats never get caught or punished for anything, Biden wasn’t too concerned about the whole thing, knowing that everyone in Congress is on the take.

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Old Joe also understood that the entirety of the federal government would cover for him (DOJ, FBI, IRS, etc.) And for the most part, they have. But in their relentless targeting of President Trump, they have made quite a few enemies along the way (Jim Jordan, Jim Comer, etc.) not to mention the patriotic whistleblowers who have sworn under oath what has been going on with the feds covering up for Joe. It is only because Republicans are in control of the House that we could actually see the true extent of Joe Biden’s corruption through public hearings.

And although an impeachment over Biden’s corruption is certainly warranted, I think they should have a concurrent one to impeach old Joe over his treasonous actions concerning our open border.

The chairmen of the House Judiciary, Oversight and Ways and Means committees will be leading the Biden inquiry – all of whom have been working together for months on different probes relating to the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) will layout their current findings on Thursday from their panels’ investigations into the Biden family. Comer will be taking the lead, working alongside Jordan, Comer and House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO).

The impeachment process starts with an inquiry where evidence is gathered for the charges to be brought. It’s an investigation of possible wrongdoing by a federal official. It’s process written into the Constitution that gives the House the power to impeach and the Senate the power to convict and remove someone from office. The inquiry was brought by McCarthy without a vote because previous Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, set a precedent when she went after Trump and got him impeached twice. Whether McCarthy wants to have a vote on an impeachment inquiry or not is up to him. It’s not actually needed.

According to the Associated Press, “The Constitution does not require a vote to start an impeachment inquiry, and neither do the rules governing the House. But authorizing resolutions have been passed in previous presidential impeachments.”

The probe into Biden could take weeks, months, or longer. The only real deadline is the end of the current Congress – January 2, 2025. It’s up to the Republicans about how they want this to fit into the election cycle – and if/when they want to have an impeachment inquiry vote and/or a vote on actual impeachment.

We all know that the Senate won’t vote to impeach Biden because they are a bunch of spineless cowards – even though it would be a slam dunk proving Biden participated in “bribery.” And anyway, they’d need Senate Majority Leader and Democrat Chuck Schumer to take up the matter – and that won’t happen.

Nevertheless, just getting the information about the corrupt president out there and on the record – and getting him impeached by the House – will satisfy many Republicans. The inquiry will also allow

Congress more powers to do things like subpoena some information that they need.

But don’t expect the hearings to run 24/7 on the drive-by media channels (or to be covered by them much) like in the Trump impeachment days. They will be pretending that it’s not happening for not covering it unless something happens that makes old Joe look good. They will be spending all of their time on the Trump trials instead. Trump, Trump, Trump…

Laughably, the White House, who impeached Trump twice on BS, and has worked to get him indicted four times for 91 crimes, said in a statement about the Biden impeachment inquiry, “The White House called the effort “extreme politics at its worst.”