House Republicans, after a series of inquiries, whistleblowers, and an avalanche of evidence from Hunter’s laptop, have decided it is time to pursue an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

As you can imagine, all those Democrats who pursued President Trump for two impeachments are now crying foul because they know that James Comer and the Republicans have found real potential crimes involving President Biden that could hit home as we are headed into the Presidential Election year of 2024.

It seems those on the left don’t care about what evidence has been found or what facts are going to be presented—they won’t be waiting to hear any of it.

But high-ranking members of Congress are having a hard time dismissing everything involving Joe Biden, who Comer describes as the ringleader of the Biden crime family.

I mean, with Hunter now facing at least one felony charge for illegally buying a handgun and the Department of Justice looking completely foolish for trying to hide a plea deal back in July for that and millions in unpaid taxes—the mood seems to be shifting even for some on the left.

Even Dick Durbin had to admit the whole thing made him uncomfortable.

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Of course, there are some on the left who simply do not care what Joe, Hunter, or anyone with the last name Biden may have done. They hate Donald Trump so much for winning in 2016 that they will expend every ounce of energy trying to destroy him or anyone associated with him while completely ignoring everything we’ve heard about the Bidens through whistleblowers or Biden family partners like Devon Archer and Tony Bobulinski. They just want to lash out at anyone who can see quite clearly that the Grifter in Chief has a long history of dirty deals.

And throughout the day, it got more surreal following Kevin McCarthy’s announcement that an impeachment inquiry was going to start.

Chuck Schumer called the whole thing a witch-hunt, while John Fetterman put on a show for reporters when asked about the inquiry.
Now, predictably enough, the Republicans were keeping their powder dry and preparing to dig deep into the entire Biden Clan to see what will come out.

After we saw people like Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro get charged for ignoring Congressional subpoenas in recent weeks—you can bet those subpoenas will fly from the GOP committees in search of the truth and, of course, political salvation with a big dose of retribution.

The biggest question is how this will all affect the Presidential Election next year. Joe Biden’s approval numbers are already at record lows. Will this hurt or help him with voters, and what about those who have so closely tied themselves to the President and his failing policies?