Yesterday afternoon, Ford Motor Company dropped a major bombshell on the whole EV transition when they announced they would be stopping construction on a controversial $3.5 Billion battery plant that is owned in large part by companies tied to the Chinese Communist Party. Those ties to the CCP were already under investigation by Republicans both in Congress and in Michigan. Today, the so-called Blue Oval Battery Park is on ice, and it could mean that other concerning purchases by the Chinese on American soil could soon be iced as well.

I can tell you for people around these plants, there is some celebrating going on today.

But the concerns over the Chinese setting up shop in America has become another bipartisan issue—and one the Democrats in Washington are fighting to come to terms with because ordinary Americans are saying no to all of it.

This week started off badly for Joe Biden—he is on his way to Detroit to meet with striking UAW members. The strike is now on its 8th day and affecting workers and facilities in 20 states.

The union vote in America is getting smaller—and the support for Biden across the board is getting weaker.

Even Biden’s campaign co-chair called them “concerning.”
And you know it’s bad when not a single member of his administration can articulate a coherent answer to America’s questions. They continue to insist that if we all just wait, hold hands, think happy thoughts, and sing kumbaya, everything will get better.

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There clearly is no plan for any of the major crises that have blossomed since senile Joe Biden stumbled into the White House.

It’s obvious that Biden has no plan for Ukraine except to dump billions in cash and prizes there. He has no plan to heal the economy except to tell everyone it’s going great and no plan for the border except to say it’s secure.

There is one person who is quite pleased with the latest polling numbers—especially those from the Washington Post and ABC News showing Biden with a paltry 37% approval rating and Donald Trump winning by 10 points. With everything going on, I think that poll is on the money, and Donald Trump is on his way to winning a second term.

And you don’t have to believe me or Donald Trump. Even the Democrats agree. CNN revealed that 59% of Democrats want someone to challenge Biden in 2024. That may be bad news for Joey, but he’s just happy there’s one poll where he’s over 50%.