The sky is NOT actually falling every day. I know it may seem like it but warnings, alerts and governmental emergency orders should be confined to wildfires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters – and perhaps alien invasions. In other words, real stuff that we need to be concerned about.

Not an unconstitutional gun violence public health emergency by a tyrannical Soros- backed Democratic New Mexico governor.

Not an air quality alert every other day so that Democrats can push their climate change agenda.

Not even a Republican announced “state of emergency” on inflation which was recently declared by Georgia Gov. Kemp.

As the crazies with the power to declare emergencies and warnings continue to act like partisan and ideological idiots, more people will ignore them and that will be sad when those people actually need to heed real warnings and get out of harms way. Especially when the aliens come.

In order to plan for the aforementioned alien invasion, I have found what looks to be a helpful book on the topic called, what else, “Alien Invasion.” You can find it on Amazon and it’s described this way: “The Alien Invasion Owners’ Resistance Manual has been designed to provide you with the very latest scientific insight and intelligence available on aliens and their plans to take over our gleaming blue planet… it aims to demonstrate how with the right knowledge, training and a substantial reel of aluminum foil, the concerned citizen can really hit ET where it hurts. You can protect your home and family from mind-bending abductions, you can ensure that you remain free of any sinister implants and you can determine which shape-shifting lizards are working to take over society. Accompanied by illustrations, maps, diagrams and step-by-step instructions, this resistance manual will be essential reading for those interested in protecting the planet from alien invaders.”

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Live long and prosper, everyone.