When you look at the insanity in the news, it really is hard to know where to start, but with the Democrats in control of the White House and Senate, it’s no surprise.

There is not one thing you can point to on a Free for All Friday and say, “Yeah, at least they are doing good on this topic, and America is doing good on this thing over here.”

I am sorry, but with the feeble, senile old man wandering around in a near-comatose state far too often—it’s just not a good place for me.

I remember back in 1979 and 1980 when Iran took American hostages and held them for 444 days until Ronald Reagan was sworn in.

Jimmy Carter in the White House made us all feel weak—and Joe Biden is worse. At least Jimmy Carter, as bad as he was, still had some guiding baseline principles. Joe Biden doesn’t stand for anything—and I mean it. He doesn’t stand for anything, and that’s why he falls for anything.

As a result, our situation sometimes feels more helpless today than it did during those long summer days of 1980. I remember reading Time Magazine, back when it still had a smidge of integrity, and seeing photos of burned-out American helicopters in the desert with dead soldiers lying in the sand. At least Carter was trying to do something about getting the hostages released—and he apologized for the failed mission to the nation. He didn’t blame others or dodge the questions—he was heartbroken by that epic failure.

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That is nothing compared to Joe Biden’s complete disregard for the men and women he got killed in the disastrous exit from Afghanistan that gifted billions to our enemies along with Bagram for the Chinese to move into.

In just the past couple of weeks, we have seen more failures on the President’s part, which he exacerbates by trying to make it all about himself. Speaking after the fires in Maui, Joe capped his visit off by sharing utterly insulting and pointless stories about a small kitchen fire where he almost lost his cat and his car, while scores died in Lahaina and hundreds are missing. Many will never be found because they were incinerated by a fire that was the direct result of human failure. But like always, they cannot take responsibility for anything they do—and they blame the weather and Climate Change.

Why? Because that’s what cowards do.

Real leaders stand up and admit that they made a mistake—and take the heat. Like Democrat Harry Truman, who famously put a sign on his desk reading “the buck stops here.”

For Biden, the buck stops in his bank account—millions of bucks, actually. None of it benefited you or me. It just financed the Biden crime family.

Anyway—it’s been another disappointing week in many ways, but there are signs of encouragement, like Feeble Joe’s floundering poll numbers. It looks like both black and Hispanic voters are heading to the exit and are no longer interested in supporting the failing socialist policies.

I want to share again—one of the best things I have heard said about how useless Joe Biden really is.

Piers Morgan went out and said that 80-year-old Mick Jagger is more physically and mentally fit to be president than Biden.
And that is the catalyst for the series of policy failures on every single issue we face today.

So let’s run through some, OK?

Consumer credit debt is at an all-time high and crushing average Americans, and the Covid scare machine is revving back up as more lockdown, mask, and vaccine policies may be on the way.

And after all that, the Biden Administration wants to cut you off after just two beers a week! To quote Joe Nichols, Joe Biden can “kiss my glass!”