The best defense is a good offense. The Bidens and their Democrat friends are experts at going after those who go after them. That’s how they cover up their corruption – and threaten those who dare to expose them.

The latest game of the Bidens is Joe’s son Hunter suing the IRS for exposing his corruption and tax evasion. Hunter, who likes to record himself naked and stoned all the time, says that the IRS targeted and “embarrassed” him, invading his privacy. LOL.

The New York Post reports that Hunter is suing the IRS after two of their whistleblowers testified in front of Congress and, according to Hunter’s attorneys, spread “unsubstantiated allegations” and made an “unlawful disclosure” of Hunter’s tax information.

The two whistleblowers were not named in the lawsuit but the lawsuit is about statements and congressional testimony that was made recently regarding President Disaster’s worthless son. So it’s obvious who Hunter is ticked off with.

In an effort to shield Joe from Hunter’s corruption and fraud, it’s also obvious that the leftists are pulling out all the stops to delay any investigation into old Joe and his family – and warn others not to go after the “Big Guy” i.e. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

And, in another targeted plan against truth-tellers, Hunter is also suing the computer repairman who he left his laptop with. That would be the laptop that the Democrats and dozens of lying former intelligence officials said was Russian disinformation. That would be the laptop that was eventually proven to be Hunter’s and contains all kinds of illegal sex and drug acts as well as incriminating emails tying old man Joe to pay-to- play schemes.

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Joe’s treasonous grifting behavior is real – and so is the cover-up. The Republicans need to step up their game if they want to have any chance of exposing the Democrats and saving the country.