With the unending flow of illegal aliens coming across our insecure borders, many of them are visibly showing up in cities across the country. And even though the Biden administration is doing their best to quickly and quietly ship millions of illegal aliens all over the country so Americans don’t notice the new inhabitants, in places like New York City, the smoke and mirrors of the Democrat strategy isn’t working.

New York City, which is a sanctuary city (really only a sanctuary to protect criminals) has the mayor whining that there are too many illegal aliens in his city. Really, what he means is that the federal government needs to start paying the tab and providing more resources to him.

Mayor Eric Adams has actually called the situation an emergency and is now turning against Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul and blaming her for her part in the crisis, saying that other parts of the state should be helping him and taking in the illegal aliens. Hochul is blaming President Biden, asking for more federal help (money).

Meanwhile, regular New York City folks are caught in the middle, having illegal aliens (many times young men) forced on them in their communities. And it doesn’t matter if those communities are rich white communities or poor Black communities. They are all speaking out against what the government is doing to them.

Recently, about 400 people showed up outside of a former Catholic school, St. John Villa Academy, to protest what has turned into a 300-bed migrant shelter on Staten Island. They protested with signs that said things like, “NO F%*KIN WAY!” complaining about what they call the “dumping” of unvetted illegal aliens in their neighborhood.

One resident who lives a block away from the shelter told the New York Post, “It’s a clusterf–k…The city really screwed it up. Before we even talk about whether I want migrants here or not, the way it was handled was terrible…It was done in a cloud of secrecy.”

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Another resident, rally organizer John Tobacco, talked about the asylum seekers who are coming to the Big Apple. He said, “The message is that here in Staten Island, we love immigrants…We’re the most Italian-American congressional district in the country, and all our ancestors came here legally. We love anyone who comes here legally. To me, it’s an American message – this is unsustainable.”

Meanwhile, instead of dedicating taxpayer money for services for the actual taxpayers of NYC and the state of New York, the governor and the mayor are spending millions (soon to be billions) on illegal aliens for shelter, food and all kinds of other resources – while the taxpayers keep telling them to stop.