Yes, that is the new reality we find ourselves in. Because of the Democrats, our taxpayer dollars are being spent to house, transport and make the lives of illegal aliens as comfortable as possible. And instead of arresting or deporting them, our governments are arresting protesters who want them removed from the country and their neighborhoods.

Police arrested nine people on Tuesday evening for disorderly conduct (and one for assaulting an officer) during their protests over a “migrant” shelter at an old assisted living facility in Staten Island. The 288-bed facility, which is being run by the non-profit organization “Homes for Homeless,” was the site of the arrival of a bus of illegal aliens who were brought there (because it would be mean to make them sleep on the streets – or walk to the facility or pay for an Uber).

I’m trying to remember… were there a lot of arrests when Antifa, Black Lives Matter and their terrorist friends were assaulting police, looting, breaking into businesses and setting buildings on fire back in 2020? Nope, I don’t remember a whole lot of arrests going on during that year of rioting.

But I digress…

The George Floyd anti-police rioters were not considered to be criminals in NYC and other Democrat- run cities. The real criminals are the bigoted protesters who don’t want the unending flow of illegal aliens coming into our country – the folks in NYC who don’t want unvetted illegal aliens (most of them young men) in their neighborhood or near their children.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams does not have patience for these protesters who are waving American flags. He said, “We’re all frustrated, we’re all angry. But those who decide they’re going to cross the line… it’s not going to happen. We will defend the right of the city, but we’re not going to allow those who want to behave in that manner.”

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Well, I’m glad that Adams has his priorities straight and that he’s using his time and the money and resources of his city’s taxpayers to protect the illegal aliens – the Mexicans, the Venezuelans, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Africans…even though Adams is the mayor of an AMERICAN city.

A resident of the community told CBS News, “Nothing is around here for immigrants. There’s no supermarkets in walking distance. What are they going to do here? There is no work, there is no supermarket, nothing.”

Activist, radio talk show host and founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels Curtis Sliwa, was at the protest and spoke to ABC7NY. He said, “As I told them, they don’t have enough handcuffs, they don’t have enough cops, they don’t have enough cars…we’re going to be here 27/7 365 and the illegals are not gonna want to come here. They should stay in Manhattan.”

Meanwhile, the leftists in NYC are also considering removing statues of our Founding Fathers from the city, including George Washington.

America Last. It’s the Democrat Party’s slogan and it looks like they are very good at it.