We are at war. America is under siege, not by China or Russia, but by radical leftists who infiltrated the administration of senile Joe Biden. Simply put, they do not care about you. They care about carrying out their agenda—which I can tell you is not America First.

Just look at what they are doing every single day! I mean, it’s clear—they are intent on destroying America once and for all, and it seems quite clear that it is Barack Obama and his minions behind the curtain pulling the strings to make their puppets dance. They have the connections, the money, and the influence to keep the hacks in DC doing their bidding. There is a reason you hear me say this seems a lot like Barack Obama’s third term.
But it seems those strings have begun to fray as they have returned to the well one too many times.

When they go after America’s Energy supply and gas prices rise—people don’t like it.

When they begin the fear pandering over the 100th new variant—and people see mask mandates for school kids and universities returning, they don’t like it.

When they see people going to prison if they are Republican and getting charges dropped if they are Democrats—we don’t like it.
When the border is wide open with millions of people streaming in and being housed in places like Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport—people don’t like it.
When Maui and North Florida are struggling in the aftermath of disasters while we send $200 billion dollars to Ukraine—people don’t like it.

And when they have seen enough, they get angry because what we are seeing is America being put last.

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And right now—the polls are showing how much we don’t like Joe Biden, the people behind the curtain, the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, and the globalists.

Here is another one that really sets people off: instead of just releasing the relief money intended for suffering Americans, Joe and the socialists play games to get more money for Ukraine, tying FEMA relief money to the Ukrainian cash. Joe is literally refusing to help Americans with no strings attached.

People on both sides of the aisle—independents, agnostics, libertarians, and the otherwise unaffiliated political refugees are all rejecting the laundry list of failures and political scandals.

So what does that mean as Hunter Biden’s once-in-a-lifetime sweetheart deal has faded into a distant foggy memory—something his dad is familiar with? Will this added scandal finally tip the needle, or is there still enough support to push Joe across the finish line?

What about the economy? I mean, we hear Joe and his team of propaganda ministers telling us how great everything is, right? It must be working just to tell people that we are on the right track and headed to financial success. No, not so much!

And as we’ve seen before, things are so bad that Democrats are turning on the geezer.
I mean, the border has Democrats in New York City and Massachusetts declaring emergencies as they’re being overwhelmed while Joe snores.

So, what are the Democrats banking on for 2024? It seems that a COVID-19 pandemic is what we need around here—so they are launching COVID 3.0, and I am sure that will make everyone happy—right?