Back in the ’80’s when I was a teenager, if a schoolgirl (yes, a GIRL, not a “menstruating person”) had an abortion, it was not talked about and most people didn’t know it even happened. It was a personal thing, an emotional decision by the minor and her parent/s. There was embarrassment, shame and other emotions attached to it. It certainly wasn’t something to be CELEBRATED – and still shouldn’t be.

Fast-forward to now – which is a time when having an abortion has become a badge of honor among Democrats – and those who are pro-choice are as loud as they can be about it. The term “pro-choice” became the Democrats’ go-to phrase sometime in the 1970’s as a counter to “pro-life” (they certainly couldn’t market the term “pro-death” or even “pro-abortion).

And as the New York Times puts it, the Democrats of today don’t want to simply defend abortion rights anymore, they want to go on the offense. Instead of safe, legal and rare, Democrats are pushing for abortions that are unsafe (see recent Michigan abortion legislation) and un-rare. In fact, Planned Parenthood, who has the word “relentless” all over their 2022 annual report, and who was responsible for the deaths of 374,155 aborted babies last year, will even subsidize your trip to another state to get an abortion if you have “dangerous” and “restrictive” anti-abortion laws in your state.

And those women who decide kill their unborn babies are fine talking about it openly now. They don’t seem to have any shame in saying that they had an abortion because it wasn’t the “right time” to have a kid or they were mad with their boyfriend or they got drunk during a one-night stand.

Mothers who already have children will even dress up their toddlers in pro-choice t-shirts and go to pro- abortion marches. I have a family member who has done this and I find it appalling.

But Planned Parenthood doesn’t find it appalling. They not only support it, they want it advertised. So they’ve come up with some brand new swag – something those mothers can use to carry their toddler’s toys and snacks in when they are out marching with their kids to support the right to kill other kids.

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According to a recent Planned Parenthood email that was sent out to solicit donations, they came up with three designs for a “new special-edition Planned Parenthood Action Fund tote bag.” They asked their supporters to vote for their favorite bag so that they could print one that everyone would “love carrying.”

Planned Parenthood said they wanted the bag to “make a statement” and be something abortion supporters can “proudly show off as a champion fighting for reproductive freedom.”

The three bags they designed all had bright pink lettering with one saying “Abortion is Freedom,” another that said “Birth control is for people of all genders” and the third says “birth control, gender-affirming care, STI education, emergency contraception, abortion…is health care.” The winner, after all of the votes came in, was the third choice – which calls abortion health care. The first 2,000 supporters to donate to their Action Fund will get a free bag. They say in their most recent email, “Whether it’s to carry everything you need to attend a rally, go to class or run errands – make your support for Planned Parenthood Action Fund and reproductive rights loud and clear without even saying a word.”

Their email got me thinking about what else you could buy from them besides tote bags in order to make your abortion support loud and clear. And yes, not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood actually has a “store” where you can buy all kinds of stuff. It’s kind of hard to find – the link is not on the home page. But they certainly have a wide variety of items including t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, necklaces, belt bags, socks, water bottles, coffee mugs, blankets, and even gift cards.

So happy shopping to the nut jobs out there who not only support abortion, they want everyone else to know that they do. People who want to advertise the fact that they think abortion is “health care” and not actually the death of an innocent life that their “mothers” think is inconvenient.