The 2024 Election is pretty boring in a lot of ways right now. I am bored with all of it at the moment—there isn’t much excitement, at least not yet.

I mean, there isn’t much drama, is there? 

Former President Donald Trump is leading his primary challengers by a mile, and there is nobody else close to double digits in the polling lately. Even with 91 pending charges, it doesn’t look like anything is going to change anytime soon. Trump’s bedrock of support is above 40%, and the latest poll from CBS showed him with that magical number of 50%.

In fact, after a sit-down interview with NBC’s Kristen Welker, the media is lamenting talking to him at all. I mean, he’s just the former President who could become only the second President in history to be elected to non-consecutive terms.

We have a guy on the cusp of making history again, and he’s the only man who never served in government before being president.

And speaking of boring—Joe Biden is sleeping his way through another election cycle with no significant challengers, but that is because the Democrats don’t want any challengers in the primaries—at least not yet. Under the twisted rules of the Democrat Party, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would have to haul in 70% of the vote to overcome the Super-Delegates who could basically vote for anyone.

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Which is weird. Kennedy, in many respects, is a good candidate for the Democrats—he believes in the welfare state and hates guns, but he also believes in the Freedom of Speech and thinks the COVID lockdowns were unconstitutional. That has him on the outs with the party. Not to mention, he decided to run without permission from the party’s power brokers.

Joe is also up by a mile, and if he can maintain any semblance of being alive, he will be re-nominated. But the Biden faithful are getting nervous because they know he is not running at full speed anymore, and it scares the hell out of the blue team.

But with Trump and Biden running ahead by 50 points or more of their respective fields, a rematch is the most likely outcome today. Right now, it appears President Trump would win that contest because Biden is losing support from all sectors.

This is the kind of thing that is coming front and center every single day.

The media throws curve balls at Trump, and Biden eats ice cream and lays on the beach while they give old Joe a pass on everything.

They are trying to delegitimize Trump by calling him an insane person and questioning why he should be interviewed at all while not interviewing Biden about his serious issues.

Regardless of dishonest commentary like that, Democrats are leaving. Even if they don’t love Trump—they liked his policies and knew he was fighting for them.

So, that’s why the curveballs and gotcha questions are sent flying towards 45.
And while Trump is fighting legal battles on four fronts, Joe Biden and his entire family are getting put under the financial forensic microscope—and what is being found is not good. It’s looking worse by the day, and there is a lot of explaining to do.
Right now, Kevin McCarthy is trying to get his hands on over 5,000 emails sent by Joe Biden under an assumed name. Probably nothing nefarious.

And all of this is fine and well, but like I said, I am bored. What if there was a more electric match-up? What if we had something totally different?

Some people ask me—if it wasn’t Donald Trump, who would you prefer to be on the ballot in 2024? Well, if I may be so blunt—I am not sure it would be anyone else in the GOP race right now.

But there is a guy who I think would be a total badass for the Republicans. A guy who calls a spade a spade—and is never afraid to call out stupidity when he hears it. It’s that kind of blunt honesty we need around here.

It’s Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, famous for his hilarious interviews and clever campaign ads.

This guy is maybe the best Senator of my lifetime—and if he ran for President, he would get my vote.

I would love to see him debate the other Kennedy—can you imagine how much fun that would be? The fur flying! Two very smart men with the same last name getting down to it like an epic Hollywood death match!

Right now, I will offer to moderate Kennedy v. Kennedy any time and any place—I am the guy who wants this political battle on prime time.
Let them know they’ve been invited.