I admit – I didn’t watch the Republican debate on Wednesday night. I was tired after a 4-hour+ drive and quite honestly, the first one was pretty boring and I didn’t want to subject myself to another round of more yelling by candidates who have no chance in heck of winning. Seriously…Christie? Pence? Burgum? Give it up.

And that’s pretty much what Weasel News’ political commentator and co-host of the debate, Dana Perino, told them – that if they all keep running, Trump will win the nomination. With Orange Man Bad being more than 40 points ahead of the next guy, the folks on-stage at the debate were just competing over the second place prize – which pretty much amounts to nothing – except that they can add “former presidential candidate” to their bio.

According to the Daily Mail, Perino asked the seven competitors “So which one of you onstage tonight should be voted off the island?” – referring to how the reality show “Survivor” has the contestants vote their competitors off of the island one at a time.

Of course, they all refused to answer and acted totally offended by the question.

Why should all of these narcissists drop out when they can keep raking in the dough and travel around the country?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was the first to refuse to participate in Perino’s game and the others followed.

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Letting voters (or even the other candidates) vote these folks OUT one at a time would be a far better way to weed them out than the current process. And just like term limits and age limits, which pretty much all Democrats and Republicans agree with (but not the elected politicians), I’m sure most voters would prefer a Survivor-like contest instead of what we currently have to put up with.

And I’d like to add some Survivor-like contests into the mix as well – including making the candidates eat bugs, have a wrestling match in the ocean, and sequester them together in a house like on Big Brother. And then when the 8,000 worthless Republican nominees are sent packing, Trump can distinguish their tiki torch before they have to do the walk of shame and he can say, “The tribe has spoken… you’re fired!”