The race for President in 2024 is certainly heating up, with President Joe Biden’s polling numbers getting worse by the day. President Trump is also having challenges with some large sections of the voting public. Millions of Americans want to see new faces in politics.

Polling shows that Trump’s supporters—which represent a little more than 40% of those ready to cast ballots—are rock solid in their support and are not going anywhere. The support for Joe Biden is a lot softer—and his missteps are really catching up with him.

In fact, three national polls give the edge to the former President to retake the White House next year.
A New CBS Poll released yesterday gives President Trump an important threshold—50% support—which is something neither candidate has been able to reach in recent months.

It’s the latest sign that support is edging back toward the former President from the ever-important swing voters—and there are signs that traditional voting blocs are also leaving Biden and the Democrats because of so many failures over the past 32 months.

NBC’s new host of Meet the Press, Kirsten Welker, sat down with Donald Trump over the weekend to cover a whole bunch of issues. But those who hate the former Commander in Chief are screaming mad that the network would talk to him at all.

Remarkable, isn’t it? They are getting ripped for doing an interview with the Republican front-runner and former President.
The interview covered a series of hot topics, including the 91 pending charges filed against him. But Donald Trump says he’s not worried about any of that—he is worried about America and where we are heading, calling the charges “Banana Republic indictments.”

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When it comes to the events of January 6, 2021, Trump points to how some accused of crimes at the Capital are being treated unfairly—and he cannot believe what is happening to them in America.

He says the security at the Capital was not something he was in charge of that fateful day. That responsibility was with Nancy Pelosi—and she is the one who should be answering for the failures of security as she was the one who turned down offers of additional security.

And then there are the indictments related to documents that Trump had in his possession at Mar-A-Lago. However, those on the intelligence committee say many Americans are not getting the full story.

Even ABC’s John Santucci pointed out that Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ case against Trump is incredibly flimsy, adding that she is “throwing things against the wall” just to see what will stick.