With Labor Day in the rearview and COVID mandates coming quickly, there is a lot to talk about when we look at the 2024 Presidential Election.

Poor polling continues to plague Joe Biden’s incredibly weak first term.

According to a supermajority of Americans, we’re on the wrong track. A supermajority also doesn’t think Joe Biden should run again. Most don’t believe he has what it takes to run anything—let alone the most powerful nation on earth.

However, Donald Trump getting pummeled by activist prosecutors is taking its toll, leaving Trump and Biden tied in many polls.
It doesn’t look like Trump will leave the race for any reason, but people in some states are trying to block him from getting on the ballot, which is unlikely to succeed.

A bigger concern for most Americans is the weakness and frailty of Joe Biden, who is confused, cannot remember people’s names or find his way off the stage, and is setting a modern record for vacation time while in office at over 40%.

But what can Democrats do at this point? They led Joe to believe he was really in charge—though most of it is just play-acting. “Here, sign this.” “Smile and wave over there.” “Just keep walking, and for the love of God, don’t say anything.”

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And though Joe Biden has never been very smart—he has always been arrogant, telling people he has a higher IQ or challenging them to do push-ups or whatever other embarrassing outburst he makes while lying about his background or his educational prowess.
But how do they get him out of the race? It’s after Labor Day, and that means the race is getting serious.

Sarah Bedford of the Washington Examiner says that Joe can’t pull out of the race now because it would kill the rest of his presidency. Nobody would take him seriously. Not that many are now. She also thinks that Joe Biden is the best Democrat to beat Trump, and they know it.

But is he? 

You look around and see people from all walks of life leaving the Democrats.

They are tired of being patted on the head and told they just don’t understand that the economy is great, the border is secure, and masks work to stop COVID. But really, it all keeps coming back to money and financial issues.

Right now, many remember Trump’s presidency as a time of $2 gas and an actual dollar menu at McDonald’s. Right now, Bidenomics is wearing thing, and I don’t think any rogue prosecutors in Georgia or New York can make up for it.