Today’s question is, where is Joe Biden, and why didn’t we catch on to his deficiencies long before he stumbled into the Oval Office for a nap?

I mean, the old man didn’t leave Delaware to campaign—he hid under his bed and ate ice cream when he was up.

The mainstream media let him get away with it—they hated Donald Trump so much that they let him hide for months and avoid interviews. When he did sit down, they threw him softball questions and never vetted the guy they allowed to get the nuclear football.

When it became clear Hunter Biden had dropped off his laptops to a repair man in Delaware and never picked it up—the alleged reporters in the formerly relevant Washington Press Corps diligently ignored the story and labeled it all as Russian disinformation—just like they were told. They didn’t care if the guy running for President as a Democrat was compromised—they hated Trump more than they loved America.

When election irregularities popped up in key states like Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, the media clammed up on damning evidence and attacked anyone who dared to ask questions about strange things caught on camera—calling them crackpots and conspiracy theorists. Then, of course, they attacked former President Trump who looks more likely every day to become President again despite the media doing its best to convince you that these piles of indictments handed down by political activists are on the up and up.

A buzz kill, they are not!
So why is the press now all upset that Joe Biden slept through the Maui firestorm that killed more than 100 people and left at least 1,000 missing?

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Because they know his disaster of a presidency is largely their fault. If they had done their jobs and asked tough questions about candidate Joe Biden and the shady deals involving his son and brother, then maybe the worst President in 100 years would not be putting the nation at risk every single day.

Maybe they understand that the American people get it—and when they see Joe Biden making little effort to reach out to the aggrieved people of Maui—they know America has had enough of them too. So more and more—you are seeing the American corporate media try to change course—but the damage control mission is far too late I can tell you that.

Two weeks after the disastrous fires in Maui, Joe Biden finally made a visit, and the Hawaiian people are not impressed with his fashionably late arrival. You think he’d get there sooner, considering how much he loves the beach.

The old man is so out of touch you would have thought he was going to a 4th of July parade—and hell, maybe that’s what they told him. Maybe he just gobbled up two scoops and sniffed a couple of kids on the ride in—who knows—but he sure didn’t look like a man concerned with 100 dead Americans on Monday.

He showed up smiling—and then was making jokes and got distracted by some random dog with booties on—and all the while, the glazed look in his eye stays there. He just reads the script as best he can—regurgitating the words written by the people who really have the power—and, of course, those people want to gin up fear every step of the way.
And let’s be very clear about Joe Biden missing in action—he has been on vacation almost 40% of the time he has been in The West Wing—40%! That is by far more than any other President I can find. I wish I had a free ride and didn’t have to work—but I guess that is the socialist dream after all.

This is a failing Presidency we are witnessing in real-time—and regular Americans know it. They know it’s failing, and that’s why there are new battle hymns for the working man and woman in this country.