I’m sure you’ve tried to get something done within the government the last few years. Whether you’re calling someone at a state or federal government level, the phone just keeps on ringing. And when you email a governmental department, you often get an email back from an “external” source which means that the person you are trying to reach is at home in their jammies, doing their job (on occasion) in between naps, “The Young and the Restless” and DoorDash deliveries.

The fancy name for it is telecommuting. The REAL description is lazy workers who don’t want to shower and get dressed and go back to the office like a normal person.

This all started when the pandemic hit and many workers reveled in their time off. A lot of them didn’t even have to telecommute – they just got several weeks off – or months.

Michigan especially had a tyrannical governor who decided who could go to work and who couldn’t based on whether they were “essential” or not. Most Michiganders had at least a month off until things settled down a little and business doors opened up again – depending on what part of the state that you lived in.

Other workers had even more time off because their businesses were shut down or they had reduced hours because customers weren’t coming around. Still others went on extended unemployment and made it a way of life.

Many businesses were shut down to the public including governmental offices so that no one got cooties. Even courts were hearing cases via Zoom.

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But the COVID-19 scare has been over for a while now. Regardless, remnants of it can still be seen by NOT seeing government workers returning to their offices.

These lazy workers are STILL taking advantage of the opportunity to work at home. This can only be stopped by the businesses and governments who employ them. They need to be the adults in the room and tell their workers to get off of their rear ends and show back up at work. Or else.

Of course, with Democrats in charge of the federal government, that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. Because of this, we’re having billions of our tax dollars being used to pay for federal buildings that have no one in them except ants, mice, a custodian and the occasional security guard wandering by.

According to based-politics.com, a new report out of the GAO (Governmental Accountability Office), shows that we’re “on the hook for billions to fund federal offices that are sitting mostly empty.”

The report shows that all 24 federal agencies’ headquarters are “vastly underutilized” with most under 25% capacity and several that are actually under 10% capacity. These offices include the Dept. of Agriculture, Education (useless), Transportation (useless), the Small Business Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs (that’s not good) and other cabinet-level agencies. With the federal government owning 511 million square feet of office space, it’s not cheap to keep those buildings operational and maintained. But does the Biden administration care? No. It’s OUR money that’s paying for it. It’s not like it’s coming out of the bank accounts from the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

The best solution would be to shut down some of these agencies entirely – which is what some of the Republican presidential candidates want to do. I agree. The Dept. of Education certainly needs to go. And the FBI needs to be dismantled and restarted as well, whether their offices are staffed or not.

And no, we’re NOT saving money by allowing these lazy federal freeloaders to stay home. We’re still paying for the offices and air conditioning, heating, maintenance, security and more.

So the next time the government tells YOU to turn off your AC or cut down on your heating bill to fight the climate “crisis”, flip them the bird. But you’ll have to do it remotely, of course.