Old Joe Biden’s incompetence and incoherence might finally be catching up with him. Yes, he’s gotten to the point now where his polling numbers are so low that VP Harris is actually besting him in a poll about who Democrats would be enthusiastic about as a presidential contender.

According to the Daily Mail, a New York Times/Siena College poll found hat only 20 percent of Democrats would be enthusiastic if Biden wins the 2024 Democrat primary but 26 percent would be “pumped” if Kamala did.

That’s definitely NOT good news for old man Joe. The unlikable VP Kamala has always been Joe’s “impeachment insurance” because he has always felt comfortable that the Republicans would never try to impeach him and get stuck with slept-her-way-to-the-top Kamala.

But Biden isn’t popular either. He currently finds himself losing the support of Blacks and also Latinos who Republicans have made inroads with in recent elections. And although President Disaster has a 10-point advantage with voters between the ages of 18 and 29 vs. Trump, a huge 80 percent of voters younger than 30 don’t want Biden to be the nominee.

Most of the national polling shows a tie between an old white man rematch of Biden vs. Trump.

As far as Kamala goes, only 5 percent of Democrats said they’d be upset with Harris leading the ticket for 2024, with 22 percent saying they’d be “dissatisfied but not upset.”

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That’s a great way to run a nation – with someone at the top who dissatisfies people but doesn’t upset them.