There is a five-alarm fire in the United States and the match was lit by the Democrat party.

Their corruption, partisanship and inefficiency in running a country is showing. There are problems everywhere from inflation to crime, from due process to the border crisis…

In just about every corner of the country and on every issue, they are destroying us – sometimes on purpose, whether it’s on a federal, state or local level. Their never-ending quest for power and money is a driving force behind everything they do as Americans suffer.

Are homeless Americans a priority for them? No, illegal aliens are. Only it looks like Biden and his friends are allowing too many of them in the country – so many that they are becoming a visible and physical problem in areas all over the United States, including “sanctuary cities” like NYC.

Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams has called on President Disaster to declare a state of emergency in New York over the immigrant crisis. He said, “We are facing an unprecedented state of emergency. The immigration system in this country is broken…”

But it’s not just in predictable places like NYC that there are problems with too many illegal aliens. The Washington Examiner reports that the Massachusetts governor has declared a state of emergency because of all of the migrants coming into her state. Yes, Massachusetts is a “sanctuary” state – but it’s not being very sanctuary-like with DEMOCRAT Governor Maura Healy saying, “This is a national issue that demands a national response.” Yes, just like NYC Mayor Adams, it looks like she’s angling for a financial handout from President Biden.

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Apparently Massachusetts cannot financially or logistically respond to the 80% increase of illegal aliens coming into the state since last year – especially with their 1983 “right to shelter” law that says the state must provide immediate housing. Because of that, Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll has pleaded with the public to take in illegal aliens into their own homes even know they have no credible information about any of them. As if.

Which brings us to other states of emergencies…and that’s the rampant crime everywhere. The Oakland (California) NAACP has even asked their city to declare a state of emergency over the crime in the city which they call a crisis. And instead of some city residents speaking out against the crime crisis, they are just leaving. People like lifelong Oakland Black resident Kristin Cook is headed out. She’s had enough. She’s too scared to go outside. Who can blame her with burglaries in the city up 41 percent, rapes up 12 percent and robberies up 20 percent.

Everywhere you turn, there is a new state of emergency, a new crisis of the Democrats’ making. And just like during the George Floyd riots when you saw a reporter standing in front of a burning building, the Democrats will tell you that it’s “mostly peaceful.”