It was surprising but nice to hear Grammy-winning R&B singer Ne-Yo (real name Shaffer Chimere Smith) give his position publicly on all the transgender nonsense going on in the public arena right now.

Ne-Yo had an interview with VladTV podcast host Gloria Velez where he said it wasn’t a good idea to let kids “make a life-changing decision” for themselves.

That’s just common sense. It’s called parenting. Kids shouldn’t eat chocolate all day. Kids shouldn’t stay up until midnight on school nights. They can’t dress like a dinosaur in school. But more importantly, they shouldn’t be making life-changing decisions when they are kids.

Ne-Yo said, “Parents have almost forgotten what the role of a parent is…I’m not asking anybody to agree with me nor am I telling you what you can and cannot do with your children…Why should I care if my opinion upsets you when you don’t care if yours upsets anyone? Opinions aren’t special.”

But, as expected, the leftists went nuts over what Ne-Yo said and then suddenly on his Instagram site it appeared that he was backtracking. A new statement under his Twitter/X account came out that said, “After much reflection, I’d like to express my deepest apologies to anyone that I may have hurt with my comments on parenting and gender identity. I’ve always been an advocate for love and inclusivity in the LGBTQI+ community, so I understand how my comments could’ve been interpreted as insensitive and offensive.”

The statement went on to say, ““Gender identity is nuanced and I can honestly admit that I plan to better educate myself on the topic, so I can approach future conversations with more empathy. At the end of the day, I lead with love and support everyone’s freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness.”

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But those words didn’t actually come from Ne-Yo. It looks like they came from his publicist instead.

After his fake Twitter/X post showed up, Ne-Yo went on his Instagram account and said, “Listen, I normally don’t give too much of a damn about what y’all think about what I do, what you have to say about what I say, whatever…I normally don’t care because, like I said, opinions ain’t special. Everybody got one. However, this is something I feel very strongly on, and I need y’all to hear this from the horse’s mouth, not the publicist’s computer.”

He continued, “First and foremost, I did not apologize for having an opinion on this matter…I am a 43- year-old heterosexual man raising five boys and two girls, okay? That’s my reality. If my opinion offended somebody, yeah, sure, I apologize for you being offended because that wasn’t my intention. My intention is never to offend anybody.”