When you are the puppet president, installed by a previous Democratic presidential administration (Obama), long on corruption and dementia, and not short on friends in the media, government, law enforcement and the intelligence agencies, you don’t have to worry about much.

Your corruption is CYA-ed by all of your deep state friends and your buddies who use the full resources of the state and federal corrupt Democrat governments to go after your political enemies – and American citizens who get in your way like moms who don’t want their daughters to share their bathrooms with teenage boys.

You can take pay-to-play money from foreign governments, enrich your family members, destroy the economy, make side deals with China, keep Ukraine quiet with bribes, let millions of illegal aliens into the country, perpetuate crime across America, and much more.

You can also use fake names like “Robin Ware” or “67stringray” in your emails so that you can communicate with your son and others without the prying eyes of anyone catching on to what you are up to.

So why in the world are the Democrats not afraid of blowback from all of their corruption and destruction of the country? Why are they not afraid of the upcoming 2024 elections? I think Glenn Beck gave us the answer a few days ago on his radio show.

Because the Democrats know they are going to win again.

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The Dems have the same friends in place to rig another election – and most of the same laws. In some states like Michigan, they have even better laws in place to steal elections from the Republicans.

So old Joe continues to be Teflon. Nothing sticks. Not even his insane insensitivity when he visited Maui. Sure, he gets some bad press from the right but ultimately, no matter what Biden does, the Democrat voters and the media don’t turn against him or abandon him.

So even if some of the more “normal” Democrats decide they’re not going to vote for a president in 2024 because they don’t like Biden OR Trump – and even if the independents turn away from the Dems, they obviously think their election machine can handle all of that because they don’t really seem worried at all, do they?!