While American veterans are homeless, seniors are struggling with inflation and “food insecurity” is rampant, instead of worrying about those folks, the Democrats continue to pour tax money and resources into illegal immigrants.

The NYC mayor, Eric Adams, said recently that “we need to control the border” and that it’s a “national crisis.” However, what he really means with those words is not necessarily what we think. By “control,” he means that he wants the illegal aliens processed more efficiently and not as many sent into his city. And the national crisis, to him, is a funding issue, as he keeps complaining that the state and the federal governments are not helping him enough.

As Adams waits for additional funding from his Democrat pals, he continues to spend city taxpayer dollars and resources on the 90,000+ illegal aliens that have arrived in his city. That money has been spent on feeding and sheltering them wherever he can find the space, including in luxury hotels. Only now, he’s spending millions to get them out of his city.

Breitbart News reports that Adams will be spending more than $400 million of NYC taxpayer dollars on bussing migrants out of his “sanctuary” city to parts unknown.

Adams has actually been shipping the illegal aliens out of his city since April of last year – to Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Illinois according to records obtained by Politico. Some even went to Venezuela and China. The New York Times has reported that more than 1,500 migrants have been extracted from NYC and sent to other areas of the country.

But Adams needs to step up his game now that the illegal aliens are coming into his city at a record pace.

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So who is involved in the migrant bussing and making millions of dollars doing it? It’s a medical company called DocGo that helped the city in the past with COVID-19 testing. Since the COVID crisis is over, the company needed to find a new way to make money off of a different Democrat-created crisis and decided to pivot to migrant care.

Apparently, the city awarded DocGo a $432 million contract in May with no competitive bidding. And according to Breitbart, they will “house migrants and provide them with services including case management, medical care, food, transportation, lodging and round-the-clock security.”

How lovely. If only Americans could get treated as well by the Democrat party as the illegal aliens do.

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. In order to accommodate the illegal aliens at the hotels and have enough resources to keep them comfortable, Adams had said back in June that they would probably have to cut back on public services like meals for senior citizens, child care and library hours in his city.

Make America Suck – the motto for the Democrat party.