Yes, Iran is messing with the United States. And why not? When you have a weak America, messing with us is no big deal. This time it appears that Iran has been seizing commercial tanker ships in the Middle East. And it’s been going on for a while.

In a normal world with a legitimate media, this would be big news. But because the media tries to hide the incompetence of Biden and the rest of his administration, this is hardly a blip on the radar with the fake news folks.

But never fear, because with Talk Like a Pirate Day coming up, the Biden administration appears to have an idea to thwart the Iranian pirates. Their strategic plan is to have armed Marine and sailors on commercial ships for the private companies. I’m wondering if the companies are going to pay for this or if it’s on the taxpayer dime like most things are?!

An anonymous Biden administration official to the Washington Post that this new plan could start happening soon and that Marines have already been flown to Bahrain to receive related training with additional personnel possibly arriving soon on American warships. In fact, Weasel News reported that more than 3,000 American troops arrived in the Middle East on Sunday.

The official says the “policy decision has pretty much been made” and that recent Iranian activity has required an “elevated response” but another official said that the Pentagon hasn’t approved the plan yet.

The Associated Press reports that the area in question is where about 20% of the world’s crude oil passes by and that this plan from the Biden administration comes after Iranian forces tried to commandeer two civilian tanker ships on July 5th, firing on and striking one of them. The Irianians fled when the USS McFaul, a naval destroyer, showed up at the scene. Similar incidents preceded the July event.

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Also in the Persian Gulf region to help have been American F-35 jets and other fighter aircraft plus an additional Navy destroyer. Of course, Iran calls what America is doing “destabilizing and provocative.”

With more confrontations possible, it looks like there won’t be a lot of Ahoy-ing going on. Instead, the American ships will be battening down the hatches and making sure that the Iranian pirates don’t get any booty from the American tanker ships.