If bigger than life talk show host Rush Limbaugh was still with us and gracing us with his golden voice, Tuesday, August 1st would have been the 35th Anniversary of the “Rush Limbaugh Show.” And another year of his staff bringing him a cake and maybe some glasses of champagne.

Rush talked about the anniversary on his program on July 3, 2018 and said, “I’ve always thought August 1st was the anniversary date of this program – and it actually is. But it isn’t in a way because July 4th 1988 was actually my first show on the New York affiliate, and this program didn’t start until a month later. But it was all connected…”

Yes, Limbaugh began his new show at WABC-AM on July 4, 1988. His national program debuted on 50 stations the next month on August 1, and by three months later had expanded to 100 stations

Five years ago, he talked about his 30th anniversary and said, “I remember events from all 30 of these years, and it doesn’t seem like long ago to me. There are elements of it that seem like it was just yesterday. Of course, I do it, so I’m a little bit more conscious of or connected to it than most. But it’s also undeniable that 30 years is a long time. I mean, just as a period, whether you’re doing the same thing for those 30 years or just 30 years go by. But in one way it doesn’t even seem like 30 years.”

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III died on February 17, 2021 at the age of 70 from complications of lung cancer. He left us way too soon – before so many more crazy political things happened that would have been great to get his opinion on. He left behind his wife Kathryn, beloved pets and family members, heartbroken employees, lifelong friends and millions of devastated listeners across the country.

Rush had many undeniable truths of life over the years, most of which are still true today including: Freedom is God given, There is a God, Abortion is wrong, and there will always be poor people (this is not the fault of the rich).

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One of his best ones was #35: “You should thank God for making you an American; and instead of feeling guilty about it, help spread our ideas worldwide.”

#35 explains the differences between conservatives and liberals. We appreciate what we have and want others to have freedom and prosperity. Liberals don’t. They want to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. That is their EQUITY. They want to give stuff to those who don’t earn or deserve it and take down those who work hard to achieve success. They want everyone and everything to suck.

That is what Limbaugh fought against everyday on his radio show and instead, promoted America’s greatness.

On his 20th anniversary, Limbaugh asked after the staff brought in glasses of champagne, “Am I allowed to consume adult beverages while hosting broadcast excellence?”

Business partner and friend, Kraig Kitchin, answered, “You are.” Limbaugh laughed, “Really?”

Kitchin said, “You are. Absolutely. From all of us at the EIB – every single employee, all of your friends, your family, your listeners – you are a friend to all, and an inspiration to every last one of us. Thank you for 20 fantastic years of friendship, leadership, inspiration, and outright fun. Thank you.”

Yes, thank you, Rush. For 33 years of broadcast excellence.