The latest poll from Reuters yesterday puts Joe Biden’s approval rating at a meager 41%, and it’s not likely to improve anytime soon. That is because people are starting to get a steady diet of the Biden family schemes and systemic corruption that has enriched several members of the clan and gives the clear appearance of selling out America at the same time.

The latest revelations revealed by the New York Post show a whopping $20 million that flowed to the Bidens by way of shell companies and bank maneuvers—and Hunter was facilitating it all, it appears.

The cash reportedly flowed in from all sorts of places, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine—and some of those sending money had dinner and other conversations with the current Commander in Chief.

Yes, folks—this is the biggest scandal in American political history except for possibly the assassination of JFK in 1963—but this political scandal is quickly becoming a four-alarm fire.

The latest revelations come from newly identified bank records, with payments from China, the CCP, and Romania. Who knows how many more countries will show up on the list now that the lid is off and the light is shining in?

And what did that $20 million buy exactly? Well, it bought exactly what you would think—access to then Vice President Biden or, as Devon Archer called it in closed-door hearings last week, The Brand. The Brand was always Joe Biden—who could wield influence inside the Obama White House.

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But when asked point blank Wednesday, Joe Biden bristled, calling it “a lousy question.”
Well, I certainly believe him now, don’t you? I mean, if Joe says there is nothing to see—well, by gosh, we should just take that to the bank just like Hunter took tens of millions to the bank on behalf of Dad.

And trust me, this scandal is going to continue to grow and expand, but it is by no means the only thing that has this President fighting not for just his political future and a second term but to remain in office until next November.

In fact, it seems to be one misstep after another with this President, who looks older and less competent by the day. Everyone is taking notice of the decline, the anger, and the inability to find his way off any stage after giving incoherent remarks in his trademark creepy whisper.

So let’s continue:

In a recent interview, Joe Biden claimed that he has already declared a climate emergency.

That, of course, never happened, but it gives you a clear indication that the idea of Climate Lockdowns that I have been brilliantly warning you about for a very long time now seems to be under discussion. Why else would he blurt out that he had already declared a Climate Emergency? The best answer is that it has been discussed and discussed in detail several times.

Joey was making these comments after granting an interview to the world-renowned news outlet at the Weather Channel—because that is where you go for hard-hitting journalism. But even in this friendly venue—Old Joe continued to struggle.

I mean, what do you tell the young people that you promised you’d end all modern advancements and take America back to the Dark Ages if elected—that you would destroy fossil fuel and American energy independence if only they would vote for you? You could ensure disaster for the nation—and they all bought into the socialist stupidity. Joey, what happened?

I mean, with Bidenomics, every single American can afford to replace all their major appliances in the name of saving the planet as well as installing tens of thousands of dollars of Chinese solar panels, right?

So now you know why Joe Biden is the least popular President in modern history—and why his numbers continue to collapse, putting the Democrat Party in a full-on panic. If Joe fails, that’s bad, but if Kamala Harris is ever sworn in as President, it is a nightmare scenario for the party. They cannot go after her—I mean, they can primary her at the substantial risk of alienating every single black voter they have, and that danger is very real.
But I digress. 

While Joey is eating Ice Cream and floundering around trying to read the prompter, there are other concerns destroying any support he still has.

Inflation and falling wages continue to be a serious issue, despite his claims to the contrary.

Yeah, sorry, but Bidenomics is a terrible failure because it is a terrible set of policies, and everyone damn well knows it.

And again—these are all just adding up. How about we look at seven million illegals coming in since he began having cookies and milk in the White House?
And the border in some once reliable Democrat precincts is really taking a toll.

These people are not impressed one little bit by the flood of people forcing their kids to take a back seat.

But don’t you worry—because when it’s all said and done, Joey has a plan for America—and a really big plan.

He came out and said the quiet part out loud about his desire to create and lead a new world order. If you’ve been paying attention to anything that’s been going on, you won’t be surprised one bit.