Yes, the solution for stopping retail theft SHOULD be the police doing their job and arresting these thieves but that hasn’t been happening, especially in Democrat-run cities.


I have an easy solution to the problem. Retailers need to have an electronic entry system by their door where you have to swipe an electronic pass card to get in – kind of like they have at dog parks. If you want to gain entry to the store, you swipe your card.

Most large retailers already have the cards. At Walgreens, it’s called a Balance Rewards card. They already track all of my purchases so it’s really not a problem that they track when I enter and leave the store. They already know what I bought and when I leave the store. But because of the thieves, the cards need to be swiped before we enter the store now to keep the riffraff out.

And if you don’t have a card for the retailer that you want to visit, I’m sure they can set up something where we can swipe a driver’s license or state ID. The retailer could store your information TEMPORARILY until you leave the store. That way, if you steal something, they have your information on file – who you are and when you were in the store. But they can’t collect the information – or turn it over to the government without a warrant if you are a Trump supporter.

Easy fix. Problem solved. You’re welcome.