Not enforcing our southern border from illegal alien crossings is costing Homeland Security (us) billions. Yes, it costs a lot for border patrol agents, who are now glorified clerks and babysitters, to transport and process all of the future Democrats into the country.

Laughably, on the Homeland Security website, it says, “Securing and managing our borders have been priority mission areas for DHS since its creation.”

The definition of “managing” is totally different under Democrat control than under a serious presidential administration. So is the word “securing.”

They’re securing the border alright. Securing things so that illegal aliens aren’t forced to go back where they came from.

But all of that work for the Democrat party is costing a lot of dinero for Homeland Insecurity.

Axios is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security is “scrambling to fill billions of dollars in shortfalls across its various agencies – the vast majority driven by its efforts to maintain order at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

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Maintain order. That’s a joke.

The only thing they’re maintaining is the order in which the illegal aliens are getting transported on buses and flown all over the country.

Reported in the Axios article is the fact that DHS will be asking Congress for $2 billion in supplemental funds to “address shortfalls related to border security.”

You notice that it says “related to” border security, not ACTUAL border security.

That’s most likely for things like sleeping bags, cell phones, baby formula, plane tickets…extra computers to process the illegal aliens as quickly as possible, tracking systems and more space to house the lawbreakers.

It’s all the things the Democrats need in order to fix the “broken” immigration system and make their voting recruitment operation much more efficient.