For those of us who are not supporters of Joe Biden and know he is a serial plagiarist and liar, we have not been surprised by his countless false claims while on the campaign trail and in the Oval Office.

His lies have often been very hurtful—take what happened in Maui just a few days ago. He took a human tragedy with more than 115 killed and at least 1,000 missing and turned it into a chance to talk about himself.

First, he couldn’t pull himself away from his luxury oceanside vacation in California for almost two full weeks, and when he did finally bother to show up in Maui, he talked about a small kitchen fire in his Delaware Beach house that was put out in 20 minutes. But the Narcissist in Chief decided to tell those in Maui how he was so devasted because he almost lost his cat and almost lost his 1966 Corvette.

He made these comments in front of people whose family members were incinerated by a wall of fire that was left to burn because someone in charge believed water could not be spared to save the lives of those burning alive.

It’s not the first time that Biden has made an unspeakable tragedy about himself. In fact, you can pretty much count on him doing that. If there is death and destruction, then Joey is ready to step in and tell you why he understands—because by God, he has been there, and he has suffered like you.

Except that he hasn’t.

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Has Joe Biden suffered losses in his life? Yes, but that doesn’t make it the same as what these people in Hawaii went through—or worse, his disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.
Millions of people who voted for Joe Biden falsely bought into the idea that old Joe was going to be a moderate President who would work hard to unite the nation—but that has not turned out to be the case.

In fact, I think it is fair to argue that Joe Biden has become the most polarizing President in American history. He is not a moderate at all and has governed from the extreme far left. His Presidency began to unravel a few months into office when he completely disregarded the advice of his military advisers and abandoned Afghanistan in some twisted need to leave before the 20-year anniversary of our arrival.

The reckless decision, the fractured command, and the murky rules of engagement led to the worst military failure since the end of the Vietnam War.

A suicide bomber and his partner killed 13 US military members. Both could have been taken out by American snipers before the bomb went off, but nobody would make the call.

Biden’s numbers plummeted, and he has never recovered—and there are some very clear reasons for that.

True to form, Joe Biden has never accepted responsibility for his epic failure of leadership in Afghanistan. Worse, almost every time it comes up, he talks about how his son Beau died in the Middle East and came home in a casket. The problem, of course, is that it is just another lie.

Beau did serve proudly in the US Military but died of cancer, not in the line of duty.

And worse than not accepting responsibility and making his tragic failure into some sad false story about himself is that he continues to make those same baseless claims even now.

The 13 Afghanistan gold star families met the caskets of their loved ones at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware—so did Joe Biden. But he didn’t want to be there. He kept looking at his watch. He didn’t care about the men and women who died because he was too stubborn or too stupid to listen to his military advisors.

And sadly, as we mark the two-year anniversary of those horrible days—the families have never believed he cared about anyone but himself.

A few weeks ago, California Congressman Darrell Issa brought the families together for the first time—that is something the White House clearly should have done but didn’t care enough to do. You know, like visiting other victims in places like East Palestine, Ohio. These things involving real suffering Americans do not matter to the senile geezer. Actions do speak louder than words.

And Joe’s actions are being called out this week—loudly and clearly.

Some family members of our 13 honored dead are calling out Joe Biden for making their day of remembrance about himself and Beau.

I sat and watched as one family member after another took a chance to talk and reminisce about the person they loved and lost in Afghanistan. Then you realize Joe has been on vacation more than 40% of the time he has been in office. They gave their all, and he doesn’t bother to show up for work.
And I want to remind you that the failures of the ill-advised Afghanistan pullout are not something we just figured out. Even the mainstream media was slamming the withdrawal as an abject failure back then.

And honestly, that should have been all anyone needed to know about who Joe Biden really is. He is not some grandfatherly type, aw-shucks good guy.

No, he is everything I have been telling you since before he got elected.

He is a not-too-bright, way-too-arrogant, self-centered, self-serving individual. He will lie about nearly anything and do whatever it takes to help himself out.

That’s why I can tell you that the scandals are real, and so is his senility. But he is far too arrogant to step aside, and that is the Democrats’ biggest problem right now. I hope Joe hangs on to make it to Election Day 2024 because that way, we can sweep him out and get a real dedicated American back in the Oval Office.