Many a time, I have written about the failure of Americans to embrace electric cars. This involves many reasons including their cost, the safety of the batteries, child labor exploitation, the lack of adequate charging stations, environmental reasons, poor performance and many other issues.

The Democrat party knows all of this and it’s why they are trying to FORCE the issue with mandates and billions in grants to create the EVs and their components.

But reality is reality and the reality is that Americans don’t want electric cars.

This is evident in the report out of Fortune and reported by Breitbart News that points to Ford Motor Company’s prediction that they will lose a whopping $4.5 billion on the sales of electric vehicles in 2023.

Ford’s EV division is called “Ford Model e” but it should really get an F in its name. It’s already lost about $1.8 billion this year. Instead of making the amount of cars they can sell, Ford and others are still pushing out way too many of them.

Many say that Ford EV trucks suck. Trucks are bought to do things, to be work hounds, and if they can’t go to the distance or tow anything, who’s going to want them?

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So in order to get Ford out of the red, the company has to, not surprisingly, to rely on the reliable sales of their traditional and commercial vehicles – that would be the fossil fuel ones.

In the meantime, the government is “helping” Ford out by loaning them billions to produce battery manufacturing plants in an effort to push these unwanted EVs across the finish line into the hearts and hands of customers who don’t want them – as evidenced by the approximately 90,000 electric cars and trucks sitting on dealer lots across the country