Republicans (and independents) want free and fair elections. Even some “normal” Democrats that I know do. But elected Democrats – and the far left – not so much. Dems aren’t even going after votes anymore – they’re going after ballots.

Democrats were aghast that Orange Man Bad actually beat Hillary in 2016. They weren’t ready for that – and vowed that it would never happen again. Not on their watch.

The strategy against Trump and his supporters now seems to be to go after those who go after the Dems (and get in the way or their money and power.)

Along these lines, we’ve seen enough Trump targeting and enough election rigging (and fraud) in the last presidential election to last a lifetime.

The Dems came up with the Russia collusion hoax and called Trump a racist, sexist, xenophobe and every other name under the book every single day for years. They sued him over just about every policy he enacted. They enlisted social media companies and the media to continue to aid and abet the Democrat Party Crime Syndicate…

I don’t need to list all of the anti-America Democrat schemes and crimes to you – and the partisan corruption, lies and treasonous behavior that they participated in…You lived it. You still are.

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Part of their anti-Trump conspiracy was to block Trump from beating Biden in 2020. In order to do that, they rigged the election by changing the rules, paid mules to bring ballots to the unsecured voting machines, used COVID-19 and the “Ferguson effect” to rile up supporters, voters and donors…They had all kinds of schemes going on to drag Biden over the finish line. In fact, they did such a good job and are so proud of themselves, they even bragged about it in this article (that doesn’t even have a paywall).

One of their most glorious achievements (they think) is to use January 6th as a warning to the nation (and Trump) that we must never oppose their victories. Even though they oppose ours all the time.

Former President Trump (as you already know) was indicted yet again on Tuesday, this time for charges having to do with January 6th and the 2020 election – including: conspiracy to defraud the United States; conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding; obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding and conspiracy against rights.

That list sounds like what the Democrats should be indicted for every day of the week doesn’t it?! It’s the criminalization of what they consider to be disinformation.

And completely NOT related at all (wink, wink), I’m sure that you have noticed that whenever the heat is on Hunter Biden or his daddy and they get dinged with a new scandal, Trump gets dinged the next day or within weeks with a new indictment to change the narrative.

Weasel News’ Jesse Watters pointed this out on his TV show “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Tuesday evening with a chart of the following:

March 17th: Hunter accidentally admits that the laptop is his. March 18: Trump says he’ll be indicted – and he is 12 days later.

June 8th: FBI claims Biden allegedly paid $5M by Burisma executive as part of a bribery scheme. June 9th: Mar-a-Lago indictment.

July 31st: Devon Archer testifies about Joe’s participation in son’s pay-to-play operation. August 1st: Trump indicted.

Nothing to see here though, folks. It’s just a coincidence (wink, wink again).

For those of you who can’t keep up with the Biden administration’s witch hunt against Trump, here’s a rundown of the current Trump indictments.

Biden and Clinton corruption, as you know, are completely okie dokie – but if you are Trump, you can’t even cross the street to get a Big Mac and a Coke at McDonald’s without getting indicted. However, if you actually HAVE Coke in the White House under a Biden administration, it’s no biggie.

And what about free speech protections? Those are non-existent for Trump (and his supporters) according to the Dems. What First Amendment?! What due process?! What equal protection of the laws?

Trump is finding out (as are the rest of us) that questioning the elections when Democrats win is a big no-no.

Also finding that out are the 16 mostly elderly Michigan electors who were charged with felonies after signing on to an alternate slate of electors because of the perceived election fraud they thought was going on in the state. And Matt DePerno who, according to the Detroit News, is facing four criminal charges, including undue possession of a voting machine and willfully damaging a voting machine. This is a result of DePerno wanting to look at an election machine and test it out to figure out how the Democrats were cheating. His attorney, Paul Stablein, said in a statement that DePerno “uncovered significant security flaws” – and that’s most likely the REAL reason why he’s being charged.

Thou shalt not question or expose Democrat voter fraud.

Voting security and integrity, are not something that the Democrats appear to believe in. Do they want updated and verified voter rolls? Ick. Signature verifications? No way. Proof of identity or citizenship? Not needed. Chain of custody for ballots? Who needs that?! Vote for Democrats and vote often. And if you don’t vote for them, they’ll find a way to make sure a ballot says you did.

Along the way, anyone who wants to expose their election cheating is a target. A target to be censored and ridiculed… and now jailed, if possible.