Hurricane Idalia has gotten a lot of press this week as the mainstream media breathlessly reported that this was a historic and unprecedented storm—I am going to argue it was neither.

Yes, it was a pretty big hurricane. But then again, most of them are. They are hurricanes, after all.

And it was only historic because there isn’t any record of one hitting quite where Idalia came to shore at Big Bend—so what? Of the hundreds of communities on the coast of Florida, I am sure there are plenty a hurricane has never hit.

The other claim is that this storm was unprecedented—also false—at least to me it is. 

Sure, it hit this stretch of coast that has not had a hurricane since at least 1851—and so what? Fort Myers got hit last year for the first time in a century. Sometimes these storms hit new places, and sometimes, they hit old places.

But guess what? Hurricanes were here long before Republicans could be blamed for the wind and rain. That fact did not slow down the inevitable—which is the climate harlots screaming it’s your fault and mine for driving a car, using air conditioning, and cooking red meat on a gas stove.

None of that has anything to do with storms—the worst decade for horrible hurricanes in America was the 1950s. I am pretty sure 1969’s Camille—a Cat 5 monster—still rates as the most powerful hurricane in Florida history. But there have been many—like Andrew, Hugo, Irma, and Floyd, and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. This one will soon be forgotten, and those will never be forgotten.
Of course, there will always be Katrina—and if you didn’t know, the deadliest hurricane in US history hit Galveston, Texas in 1900. Nobody knows how many people died in that monster storm—but it’s somewhere between 8,000 and 12,000. The bodies were rotting in the streets after the storm surge finally receded.

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As I said, the Climate Nazis were predictably screaming that this medium-strength hurricane was a harbinger of doom.

At last glance, Idalia had claimed two lives—two! One in Florida and one in Georgia—obviously tragic but not exactly a hurricane apocalypse.

But there is a lot of rain and plenty of people without power, you say. More people lost power in Michigan last week than did folks in Florida yesterday. Only about 250,000 were without electricity at the end of the day Wednesday.

But that doesn’t fit the narrative.

So, the White House pushed the senile old man in front of cameras to spew the same unsupported claims of climate change in the desperate hope of ginning up votes.

Even the Director of FEMA is not willing to blame climate change, fossil fuels, or any other left-wing fantasy demons for a Hurricane. That is a bridge too far even for her.

But people are catching on—even those who once believed only in manmade climate change and spread that gospel to the world. Scientists once immersed in fiction and fraud are coming out of the climate fog.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of cleanup in Florida—and it will take time. That is why law and order will be the biggest concern for the next few days.

Governor Ron DeSantis made clear his policy on law and order with his declaration that “you loot, we shoot.”

Have you ever wondered just how far these Climate Nazis will go to persuade you that we are all going to die very soon unless we return to the stone age? 

I am rarely shocked, but this one really got my attention because you really have to be some special kind of stupid to have this come out of your mouth.

Alex De Koning, a “Just Stop Oil” activist, appeared on British TV to let viewers know that humans will soon boil to death in their own sweat.

Soon, if you keep driving to work and using your AC, water heater, and stove, you will be boiling in your own sweat.

I mean, do these nitwits even hear what they are saying? Do they realize people can hear them when they utter these jaw-dropping and utterly stupid things? 

Wow—momma did raise some fools, huh?

Anyway, back to the end of the world. How about the wildfires in Hawaii that were triggered by faulty power lines and fueled by 80 mph winds while some Nazi withheld water because it is a Godlike substance? What’s going on there?

KJP took to the podium to inform us that Joe Biden responded to the disaster in record time while Republicans are considering an investigation into the federal government’s response. Another day, another Biden investigation.