Chicagoans are probably longing for the good old days of living under Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot. As bad as she was as a mayor and (not) controlling the crime crisis in the city, it looks like Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson is even worse.

According to the Center Square, since Johnson assumed office in May of 2023, things have gone downhill. According to their report, crime statistics show an increase in crime in the mayor’s first 90 days – including 41 more murders, 38 more deadly shootings and 4,321 more car thefts having occurred during his first 90 days in office compared to the first 90 days of Lightfoot.

Helping things out (not) is the current shortage of more than 1,000 police officers and a 50% drop in arrests since 2019 as reported by Illinois Policy.

Fred Waller, the interim police superintendent for Chicago, said in June, “We’re really working our officers to a nub…We’re canceling days off all the time.”

Gee…whatever could have caused all of this? Certainly NOT pro-criminal Democrat policies from leftist police-hating politicians and their supporters (insert sarcasm here).

According to a report released by the Chicago Police Department, overall crime to date in the city is up 82% from 2021, with motor vehicle thefts increasing the most by 223%.

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So what are Mayor Johnson’s credentials to run a big city and make a dent in the crime crisis? Not much. He worked as a Chicago school teacher until 2018 and then he was a commissioner of Cooke County’s first district.

His “holistic approach to public safety” seems to be no approach at all. During his victory speech, he said, “Today, we celebrate the revival and the resurrection of the city of Chicago…It is time for Chicago to come alive. Come alive, Chicago.”

The only things that are coming “alive” in Chicago are the criminals that the Democrats continue to coddle.