I never thought I would see the day that my nation, my beloved America, founded on the greatest governing documents ever conceived, would be charging politicians with crimes for giving political speeches.

It is truly a heartbreaking point in history, and this attack on the First Amendment by way of Donald Trump cannot stand.

It should not matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat or Libertarian—if you are not appalled by the attacks on free speech being carried out by the same guy that had convictions against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell thrown out by a unanimous 9-0 vote of the United States Supreme Court—then you are not paying attention at all!

Jack Smith has wandered so far afield that he is using a post-Civil War statue designed to rein in the Ku Klux Klan to try to pin something on the former President—but the latest charges are the weakest of all.

What is really going on here?
It’s time we peel away the whitewash and get to the facts of the matter—and the fact is—Jack Smith is a political operative trying to take out Joe Biden’s number one opponent in the upcoming Presidential Election by almost making up charges out of thin air.

And if the First Amendment no longer covers the free discussion of ideas from politicians—that could create a whole new playing field.
And Rush Limbaugh, the man that broke the trail that made it possible for me to sit here along with others—and give our take on what is happening here and around the world saw this coming years ago.

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Then if you look on the Hunter Biden front, the Democrats are coming out in defense of Joe’s dealings, and most of their stories don’t hold water.

We now know that Joe Biden sat down at dinner with one of the key players from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

But the media wants you to think it was just Pops checking in and doting on his kid.

Yeah, good old Super Dad—the amazing father Joe Biden who, when he is not groping and sniffing minors, is working alongside his addict son to coerce foreign stakeholders to pay up to have him fix their problems in Washington.

And yet, all the attacks on Trump seem to pale in comparison to the misdeeds of the Biden Clan—at least, that’s what voters are apparently deciding.