I’m sure that none of you reading this would be surprised to find out that Democrats routinely fund their campaign with foreign money and also money from the very non-profits that they hand out grants to. In fact, it’s pretty much something that we’ve all known has been going on but have no power to stop.

Finally, it looks like the House Ways and Means Committee is actually looking into the matter. Just the News reports that the committee is opening a probe into “whether liberal activists are misusing tax- exempt nonprofits to mobilize Democrat voters in battleground states, injecting foreign money into elections, or evading campaign finance laws.”

Uh, that would be a GREAT BIG YES. In fact, they have even admitted to doing in in this braggadocios article about how they all got together to get Biden elected.

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., a member of the tax-writing committee and a founder and the House Election Integrity Caucus, told Just the News that they will be looking at foreign money that could be funding the Democrat campaigns to get voters to cast early and absentee ballots. She said they’re only supposed to be conducted in a “neutral, non-partisan manner.”

Yeah…LOL, right? Funny how their financing efforts are mostly done in Democratic voting districts. Wink-wink.

Tenney said, “We’re going to look into whether they’re abusing the IRS rules in order to get all kinds of money, whether it’s foreign money or Sam Bankman-Fried’s mother funneling money in there to target certain types of voters in certain demographics in swing states to make sure that they get those votes in.”

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Tenney says they are doing what she calls “vote trafficking” to push Dems to the polls.

Vote trafficking certainly helped the Democrats in 2020 – and Michigan Democrats were big winners because of it. Zuckerbucks went out to officials in 465 Michigan cities, townships and counties received grants from CTCL, a Chicago-based nonprofit that distributed funds nationally from $400 million in donations from leftist Mark Zuckerberg.

And now, vote trafficking will, no doubt, be on steroids in Michigan after Proposal 22-2’s “Promote the Vote” passed which allows counties, cities and townships “to accept and use charitable donations and contributions to conduct and administer elections, as long as these donations and contributions are publicly disclosed and do not come from foreign funds or foreign sources.”

But the foreign governments and individuals will just donate to a non-profit and then the non-profit can send the money to the counties, cities and townships. I think we are all wise to how the Democrats operate now.

The Democrats will use every penny they can in Democratic voting districts for the 2024 elections to get their buddies to the polls in any way possible – or get their ballots filled out for them (wink-wink).