The open border crisis that the Democrat party perpetuates continues to be a source of crime and death for Americans. The Democrats obviously don’t care about the chaos that the invasion of millions of illegal aliens are causing to the cities and states across the United States. That’s because the Democrats plan on the lawbreakers being future Democrat voters at some point.

The ends most definitely justify the means to the Democrats because they have their sights set on the bigger picture – continuous and long-lasting control of state and federal government.

So if an illegal alien rapes and kills another child, it’s just some collateral damage that the Democrats are willing to put up with. And it’s not like their media friends will cover the story anyway so they won’t be held responsible for anything.

That leaves it up to the conservative media to tell the truth about what’s going on.

The American Wire News has reported an illegal alien as a “person of interest” in what they call the “brutal killing of a young girl whose body was found strangled and stuffed under a bed in her own apartment.”

The victim, out of Pasadena Texas, is 11-year-old Maria Gonzalez who was home alone on August 12th when he dad was at work. A stranger had come to her door and knocked. She texted her dad about it but he didn’t hear from his daughter again. Family members sent to the house were unable to find the little girl but when the dad got home, he found his daughter, dead, after being sexually assaulted and strangled and then placed in a plastic trash bag inside of a laundry basket under a bed.

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A key was found in the apartment of the girl which is believed to be that of the perpetrator.

18-year-old illegal alien Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez from Guatalama, a resident of the same apartment complex went missing after being interviewed and having his DNA collected by the Pasadena Police Department. He was luckily found by police in Louisiana and is being extradited to Texas. He’s expected to be charged with capital murder.

The family released a statement after he was captured. They said, “We want to say thank you to the Pasadena Police Department and to Louisiana police and any officials that participated in bringing this cold-blooded murderer into custody. This arrest has brought the family and community some peace. We are extremely thankful that he cannot cause this type of pain to anybody again. I ask for those who are in charge to give us justice. May he be burdened with the full weight of the law, for what he has done to my daughter.”

As the Democrats continue to not only allow, but encourage, illegal aliens to break into our country, we will continue to see more stories like that of Maria.