So where are we in America? We have the Chinese and the Russians basically playing chicken with us while we prop up an arguably corrupt government in Kyiv with billions of American taxpayer dollars—but nobody seems to talk about it much.

More than seven million illegal aliens have streamed into the country since Joe Biden was sworn in as President—he swore an oath to the Constitution but has not upheld it at all.

Think about this—Montana has about 1.1 million people—so Joe Biden and his worthless socialist buddies in Washington have allowed the population of Montana to enter our country illegally seven times since taking office.

And what is the Biden administration doing? Nothing that anyone can tell besides gaslighting anyone who will listen and, of course, blaming the former President.

His team is also taking aim at just about everything you can imagine—the latest, by the way, is Air Conditioning because the solution to Global Warming is to let you sit in the heat without relief.

You see, the Environmental Protection Agency just announced a 40% production cut for hydrofluorocarbons beginning almost immediately—and that means AC costs which had already shot up because of Biden’s restrictions, will jump astronomically.

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I am telling you right now—if you have an AC issue, get it fixed today—do not wait. This is going to send the cost into orbit for AC units being repaired—and it will also force new equipment to adhere to unbelievable standards of efficiency—meaning the cost of new AC units will also be astronomical.
And guess what—the manufacturers are all for it because they can cash in big by offering only Cadillac systems going forward. This will make AC out of reach for millions—but profits will be huge.

This is one of those things that makes Capitalism look bad—because these corporations are going to cash in on your misery. Of course, that wouldn’t happen if the government would just stop interfering.

And this is just the latest item on the list of things the Democrats want cancelled.

Let’s see:
Last week it was what? Oh yeah, water heaters, and before that, let me think…

Generators, gas stoves, furnaces, light bulbs, red meat, dairy, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ceiling fans, microwave ovens, shower heads, and any and all internal combustion engines, which means your car, your truck, your lawn mower, your weed whip, your leaf blower and everything else.

So when they say really crazy things like ‘no more drilling ever again,’ don’t laugh.

But Papa Joe is a good guy—he is just an awe-shucks kind of grandpa. A guy fighting for you, and that’s why he got into politics, to fight for the little guy—or maybe it was something else.

And while they are trying to destroy every appliance you have in your home—they want you to understand just how wonderful everything is.

There should be no problem replacing all of your appliances because, with Bidenomics, Americans are rolling in cash right now. That’s what we are being told every day anyway.

Inflation is down, and everything is going great, is what we’re told. But it seems to me that people are not buying into that at all.

But lying to Americans is not going to work in the critical 2024 Presidential Election—and Democrats are working overtime to make sure you understand that even if you feel the pain of expensive gas and groceries, you are doing better no matter what you might think.

It’s pretty clear that if you cannot afford groceries, you’re just confused and don’t understand the cost of things.

Gretchen Whitmer said that Americans just don’t understand how great things are, but she is happy to explain, as is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

And that brings me to another interesting point that I heard over the weekend—maybe it’s time for a whole bunch of Democrats to jump in the race. No, you heard me right, and it’s a Democrat member of Congress calling for that to happen.
Democrat Dean Philips is begging other Democrats to enter the race. Otherwise, Kamala Harris would get a free ride to the White House once Uncle Joe inevitably kicks the bucket in his second term.

I think that’s something that most Republicans and Democrats would agree is a very bad thing.